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What are two systems that control our bodies? How are they different?
1. Nervous system: transmits info. repidly by nerve impulses
2. Endocrine system: transmits info. more slowly by chemicals secreted by ductless glands into the bloodstream.
What are the 4 primary organs in the nervous system?
1. Brain/spinal cord
2. Nerves
3. eyes and ears
4. microscopic sense organs
What are the 4 primary lobes in the brain?
1. Frontal
2. Parietal
3. Occipital
4. Temporal
What is the function of the frontal lobe?
Motor area:
- speech
- muscle coordination
Funtions of the Parietal lobe?
Visual cortex
Functions of occipital lobe?
Understanding images, comprehension
Functions of temporal lobe?
Interpreting sounds and signals from the ear
What is the cerebrum?
-Largest part of the brain
-Mental processing
Where is teh Hypothalmus, function?
- Relay station
- Below thalmus
- Connection b/t nervous and endocrine system
What is the midbrains function?
- Relay station
- Visual/auditory impulses
Funtion and location of Thalmus?
- Relay station
- Produces sensations
What is the most common brain/nervous system disorder?
1. hearing loss
2. Depressive disorders
What are the 3 main parts of a neuron?
- Cell body
- Axon
- Dendrites
what are 3 types of neurons?
- Sensory
- Motor
- Interneurons
Myelin is found in what? Primary funtions are?
1. Found in Periphial nerves
2. Functions
- insulate
- transmit electrical signals along the axon
What are Glial Cells?
- Specialized connective tissues
What are the 3 types of Glial cells?
1. Astrocyte
2. Microglia
3. Oligodendroglia
What is the function of an Astrocyte?
Branches attach neurons to blood vessels
Function of Microglia?
-Draw microbes into cytoplasm and digest them
Function of Oligodendroglia?
- Produce Myelin
- Hold nerve fibers together
Define Synapse?
A space separating the axon from the dendrites
Define a presynaptic neuron?
neuron situated proximal to a synapse
Define a postsynaptic neuron?
neuron situated distal to a synapse
What is a neurotransmitter?
Chemicals by which neurons communicate