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What is the significance of the Pterion?
fusion of 4 cranial bones and is easily fx. Ant. br. of Middle Meningeal A. runs through here so can be damaged. What is this area of fusion called?
What bones make up the Asterion?
Fusion site of these bones is called what: Occiptal, temporal, parietal?
Identify the layers and spaces of the Meninges (sup. to deep).
Epidural space (potential)
Dura: periosteal layer,
Dural Venous Sinuses,
meningeal layer
Subdural Space (potential)
Subarachnoid space (real- CSF)
Intercerebral Space
Name the Midline dural sinuses and describe where they are. Locate them on netter 103/104.
*these all create groove in cranial fossa

Superior Sagittal Sinus- begins in crista galli and ends near internal occipital protuberance at confluence

Straight Sinus- runs inferoposteriorly along line of attachment of cerebral falx to tentorium cerebelli where it joins confluence

Inferior Sagittal Sinus: runs in inferior concave free border of the falx cerebelli and ends in the straight sinus

Occipital Sinus- lies in attached border of falx cerebri and ends superiorly in confluence

Confluence of Sinuses- where sup. sagittal, straight, occipital, and transverse sinuses meet in post. cranium.
Name the Paired dural sinuses and locate them on netter 103/104.
Transverse Sinus
Sigmoid sinus--> int. jugular V.
Cavernous Sinus
Sup. Petrosal sinus-->
beginning of sigmoid sinus
Inferior Petrosal sinus--> end
of sigmoid sinus
Sphenoparietal sinus
Intercavernous sinus (ant/post)
What structures are in the cavernous sinus?
Internal Carotid A.
CN III (Occulomotor N.)
CN IV (Trochlear N.)
CN V1 (Opthalmic N.)
CN V2 (Maxillary N.)
CN VI (Abducens N.)
What is the order of flow in the sinuses?
Confluence--> Transverse--> Sigmoid--> Jugular V.
List the parts of the brain.
Locate in netter 105-107
Frontal lobe, Parietal lobe, Occipital lobe, Temporal lobe, Brainstem, Cerebellum
What structure separates Cerebellum from rest of brain?
Where is the Tentorum cerebelli?
Draw the Circle of Willis and name all the parts.
See netter 139 and class notes (pg. 4 of Cranial Cavity and Brain)