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What is a law?
rule made by the gov.t to keep people saafe, laws must be enforced
What is the Stone Age?
When none of the groups didn't have progress developing machines they only had muscle power. Their tools were made from wood, stone or bone. They had a few copper objects and some gold & silver jewelry.
Why not to have a leader:
to much power, might not make good decisions, too much freedom, might be greedy
What is a society?
a group of people who live in a specific geographic area & who have a common culture.
The Eastern Woodlands
Gov.t- strong, shose democratically, women participated
Economy-hunted(men) farmed(women) wood houses
soc. characteristics- made the 5 nations, large population
they were aggressive with outsiders
Their hunting ground was...
where the group lived
The Great Basin
They gathered seeds and hunted small animals. They fought whenever nessicary. 2 groups that lived here were the Modoc, Ute. The gov.t was simple and influenced by nature. They lived in small groups too.
What is an environment?
the groups nature.
Southeasts economy
they traded from the GOMand Rocky Mtns. They grew cluded pumpkins, squash, beans, peas, cabbage, melons& mushrooms. They bulit from wood, thatch, bark, reeds & canes.
What is a culture?
values and behavior patterns held in common: language, government, family relationships, how they make a living, how they educate their children, & the objects they create.
The Sotheast gov.t
There were 2 cheifs, red and the white. RED- gave advice on warpartys stuff like that and WHITE- handled concerns of the towns.
The Southwest housing
Built with adobe which is sun-baked brick plastered with mud. Their houses looked like modern apartment houses. The houses were built up against cliffs, to make construction easier and for defense against enemies.
What are the kinds of leadership?
democracy, dictatorship & monarchy
What is a clan?
When a man became a member of his wife's social group.
What did the Far North hunt? What did they live in?
seals, walruses, great whales. In the summer they hunted salmon. Lived in igloos.
What was life mostly governed by?
Tradition and custom
Why to have a leader:
make final decisions, organize things, prob. solver, stop fights, keep order
What are generalizations?
Broad statements that link loosely associated facts.
What is the economy in the Northwest?
they fished, the forests of redwood, pine & cedar supplied them with lumber to build things with.
The Southwest food/tools gov.t, social characteristics and how they dealed with outsiders.
The people of the pueblos were peaceful and gentle. The grew corn, beans & squash.
They made excellent pottery and wove baskets. They could hold water.
The gov. t- They were chosen in a democratic manner.It is more complex.
Soc. Characteristics- lived in large families up to 1,000.
What are soc. characteristics?
describe the group of people who make up the society & describe the groups within the society.
what are mound builders?
people who buried their dead in elaborate eathern mounds.
The Southeasts social characteristics
mound builders, had worship, dancing feasting & merrymaking.
what is a confederation?
a loose association of tribes
What is an economy?
how people meet their needs and wants in a society.
what are the crusades?
religious wars
The Great Plains
simple gov.t, hunted buffalo, used everything from it, nomadic, the buffalo were worshipped, they were more aggressive.
what are belivers in Islam called?
when was the compass invented?
what is the astrolabe and when was it invented?
an instrument that measuerd a ships latitude. It was invented in 1400.
what is adobe?
sun baked brick dried with mud.
what is the commercial revoulution?
when they wanted more asian goods
what happened in 1095
Pope Urban 2 summoned Catholics to take up the cross
what are some great changes the crusades had?
pepper, cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, rice and oranges. bought silk cotten. Jewels and rugs.
what happened in 1099?
the crusaders captured Jerusalem and founded the Christian Kingdom of Jerusalem.