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What was the name of the General in charge of the French soldiers?
General Montcalm
What was the name of the war that gave the British control of Canada and the land east of the Mississippi River?
The French and Indian War
Which country gave Florida to the British?
What year did The French and Indian war begin and end?
How many years did the war last?
The war lasted 7 years.
What was the name of the man in charge of the British army at this time?
General James Wolfe
Who was the person sent to Pennsylvania to capture the fort and that also became president of the United States?
George Washington
What does the word allied mean?
Friend or foe
What is another word for adversary?
What is the name of the document that was signed to end this war?
Treaty of Paris
What three groups fought in the French and Indian War?
The British, Indians, and the French
Who won the war?
The British
What was the Sugar Act?
The Sugar Act was a law that mandated the American colonist to pay taxes on goods that were purchased in other lands besides England.
What is the Stamp Act?
The Stamp Act mandated all American Colonist to buy stamps that were put on newspapers, almanacs, pamphlets, dice,and playing cards.
What was the Currency Act?
The Currency Act was a law that prohibited American Colonist to make their own money or currency.
What is the Quatering Act?
The Quartering Act was a law that required American colonist to
provide British soldiers or troops with
room and board.
What was the Townsend Act?
The Townsend act
What was the Boston Massacre?
The Boston Massacre was the open fire by British troops who were being taunted on a crowd of Americans which killed 3 people and wounded 2.
When did the Boston Massacre occur or happen?
The Boston Massacre happened in 1770.
What was the Boston Tea Party?
The Boston Tea Party occured when England required the colonist to pay taxes for any tea that was imported into Boston. The colonist didn't like this so they disguised themselves as Indians and dumped the tea overboard.
What year did the Boston Tea Party happen?
The Boston Tea Party was on December 16, 1773.
What was the House of Burgesse?
It was a group of men that made the new laws for the new colonies.
What was the Continental Congress?
The Continental Congress was a group of colonist that made up the first government.
Who were the Minutemen?
The Minutemen were a group of undercover American colonist.
Who was Paul Revere?
Paul Revere warned the colonist that the British were coming to take there amunition.