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Politics Definition
Process through which society settles its conflicts.
Political Conflict
Scarcity - Difference in Values
Political Culture
Deep Seeded beliefs of a particular peo9ple about gov't and politics
Human Nature is Bad
Government exists to maintain order
Machiavelli, Hobbes, Kissinger
Human Nature is good
Governments should protect people
Lock, Kant, Jefferson
Core Beliefs of Realism
Interests defined in terms of power
Survival is ultimate goal
Conflict is inevitable
Core Beliefs of Idealism
Morality and ideology matter
Cooperation is possible
Conflict can be avoided
State of Nature
Condition of humanity in which gov't does not exist
Inaienable (Natural) Rights
those rights possesed in a state of nature, prior to the formation of government. Life, Liberty and Property.
Social Contract
a voluntary agreement by individuals to form government.
Universal Declaration of Human Rights
Right to Life, Liberty and Security
Right to Education
Participate in a Cultural Life
Freedom from Torture or cruel, inhumane treatment or punishment
Freedom of thought, consience and religion
Belief that individuals should be free to act and think as they choose as long as they dont infringe unreasonable on the freedom and well being of others
belief that all individuals are equal in their moral worth and are entitled to equal treatment under law
belief that people are the ultimate source of governing authority and must have a voice in how they are governed
commitment to personal initiative and self-sufficiency; it asserts that people, if free to pursue their own path and if not unfairly burdened, can attain thier full potential
the principle that americans are one people
principle that individual group differences should be respected and are a source of national strenght
The Power of Ideals
Cultural Differences
Importance of Individualism
The Limits of Ideals
Slavery and Immigration
Ideals are general principles
promotes self government
Greek term - the people rule
Responds to Numbers
How is democracy Practiced?
through elections in america and representatives elected in those elections
Based on laws and constitutional powers
limits to rightful power of government over citizens
Ofiicials govern according to the law and citizens have basic rights
Responds to individual rights.
governmetn should not interfere with the economy as little as possible.
Free enterprise and self reliance
Responds to wealth
Political Power
Public Policy - a governments course of action
Power - ability to control the public policy
Theroies of Power
government by people
majority prevails in the counting of votes and determination of policy
Majorities do not always rule
Government by Groups
Many policies are decided by divers group
Many policies respond to the interests of particular groups rather than majority
allows minority rule over majority rul
Government by a few
Power is held by small numbetr of well positioned people
Some believe these elites operate behind the scenes while some in public
Policies are set by elete groups. Fed Reserve
Bureaucratic Rule
Power by administrators
Power gravitates toward experienced admin.
Bureaucrats make many decisions
Admins outlast their elected policy makers