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Sherman's Field Order #15
40 acres settlement and mule for black families along the South Carolina and Georgia coast
Frederick Douglass
A former slave, abolitionist, and supporter of equal rights.
Andrew Johnson
17th President, 1865-1869, took over after Lincoln's assassination, congress impeached him for vetoing most of the civil rights bills
The Radical Reconstruction Agenda
Charles Sumner
a radical republican, senator from Massachusetts; the custodian of freedom
Thaddeus Stevens
leader of the radical republicans; Pennsylvania house of representative; confiscated land from disloyal planters and divide it among former slaves
The Grant Administration
corrupt administration; aided in the reconstruction period; 18th president; 1869 - 1877
southern whites who supported the reconstruction
southern democrats who sought to oust the republican coalition of freedmen, cartpetbaggers, and scalawags.
northerners (or yankees) who moved to the south during the reconstruction era
The Ku Klux Klan
founded 1866 in Tennessee, terrorist organization attacking non-whites
Liberal Republicans
candidate Horace Greeley; party beleived reconstruction was over in 1870; amnesty with ex-confederate
the Second Industrial Revolution
industrial economy, railroads, national market, and the spirit of innovation
Thomas Edison
inventor of phograph, lightbulb, motion picture, and generating and distributing electricity
General Electric
established by Thomas Edison
Andrew Carnegie
vertically integrated the steel company
Thorstein Veblen
published the thory of leisure class; upper class spending big money to demonstrate wealth
Frederick Jackson Turner
wrote "the significance of the frontier in american history" which influence westward movement
the Dawes Act of 1887
1887 broku up land of nearly all tribes into small parcels and distributed to indian families. remaining land would be sold to white purchasers.
W.G. Sumner
social darwinist; liberty, inequality, survival of the fittest, or no liberty, equality, survival of the unfittiest
T.V. Powderly
head of the knights of labor; founded 1869
Samuel Gompers
founder and president of the AFL
the Omaha Platfrom, 1892
what the farmers wanted; government to regulate corporations and protect the people
Populism in general
the people against the elite
Chicago in 1886
killings of strikers and bombing of a policeman which caused police to fire at the crowd in Haymarket Square
Coxey's Army
a band of several hundred unemployed men led by Jacob Coxey, who marched to Washington demanding economic relief
E.V. Debs
the railroad union leader; then ran for president under the socialist party in 1912; also known for the gospel of Debs
the 1896 Presidential election
the first modern presidential campaign because of the amount of money spent by the republicans
Plessy vs. Ferguson
Homer Plessy, light skinned African-American was removed from whties only railroad cart to blacks only cart. Supreme Court ruled Louisiana law does not discriminate as long the are "separate but equal". Segregation was born
Booker T Washington
self-help man; promoted to stop fighting slavery and adapt to the situation; asked all African Americans to focus on bettering themselves.
Anti-Lynching Activities
no efforts were made to stop lynching activities in its footsteps; several African Americans were murdered by a mob at a rate of 50 per year, from 1883 to 1905
question of republic or empire; liberty tracts; president of the anti-imperialist league was George S Boutwell
the Spansih-American War
war declared against Spain; removing spanish from Cuba, Puerto Rico, Philipines, and Guam.
Emilio Aguinaldo
built a case against the United States in 1899; he led filipino army against the Spain and then againt the United States.
Progressivism, 1900-1917
progressive state certain things in life, must be protected, for the general welfare, and for the general public
Theodore Roosevelt's ideas
target against the monopolizing markets through regulation and legislation
Woodrow Wilson's ideas
represented deep progressive ideas
the Wisconsin Idea
nominations through primary elections, taxation of corporate wealth, and state regulation of railroads and public utilities.
Jane Addams
founded Hull Houses and invited immigrants to educate and train them to be social
journalist exposing the social deprivations of society
Henry Ford
developed production techniques and marketing that brought within reach of ordinary Americans.
Immigration, 1880 to 1914
immigrants from eastern europe and aisa; non skilled immigrants;
the A.F. of L.
american federation of labor; led by Samuel Gompers; negotiated conditions with corporations; as opposed demanding and fighting like the knights
the rise of the advertising industry
a way of increasing sales by often linking goods with the idea of freedom