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What does the term Loop unity gain mean?
The point where a loudspeaker reinforcing sound and the sources levels are equal at the microphone capsals the feedback locks onto a frequency for which the loops path is in phase
Name 3 things that factor into the potential for feedback?
Speaker response, Microphone response and accoustic enviorment
What does the term Equivelent Accoustic Distance refer to?
distance of the closest listener estimate needed acoustic gain
When is a sound system considered to be suffienct in providing adequete SPL without feeding back?
When PAG is greater than or equal to NAG
How does changing the distance between the source and the mic affect the acoustic gain?
smaller distance = more gain; dis/2 = +6db
how does the number of mics on stage affect acoustic gain
more mics= less gain
describe ways we can inprove gain before feedback?
Use as few mics as practical
take advantage of mic directionality
What is electromagnetic interference?
humm or buzz
4 ways EMI is transmitted
Common Impediace Coupling
Electric Field Coupling
Magnetic field coupling
what are some ways we can reduce levels of EMI?
Shields, Separation, Twisting figure 8/ Cross at 90
Fix pin 1 problem
Balenced interconnection
Give two examples of Isolation?
Transformer, Optical
Explain how a balenced differential input is able to reduce EMI?
Through common mode rejection
What is the most common techincal system used for grounding in an audio system?
isolated star ground
Why is it dangerous to use an AC ground lift adapter?
These devices disconnect the chassis
With no connection to ground a fault current would flow trough the first person to touch the device
What is the Pin 1 problem?
XLR input and output pin 1 tied to circuit ground
What is the maxium recomenbed length of an Unbalenced cable run?
what are the duties of a tour manager?
person in charge of the tour,
take care of band and entourage,
Oversee travel planning and lodging, Enforce contract
what are the duties of a Production Manager?
our personal; sound, lights, stage, set, backline; euipment transportation;