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right of the individual to make decisions about how much personal info is shared
standard professional conduct which requires a prof not to discuss info with anyone w/o pt permission
Exceptions to confidentiality
1. pt has waived rt
2. identifying info disguised/removed
3. required/permitted by law
Consultation and confidentiality
1. only seek consultation for appropriate prof purposes
2. only info necessary
3. no ident info unless consent obtained from pt
Decisions about record keeping are based on what?
legal obligations (7 yrs) & client welfare (may not want to be outdated - past 7 yrs)
Types of malpractice suits
1. breach of contract
2. assault
3. abandonment
4. suicide
5. unauthorized disclosure of privileged communication
6. negligence
Primary purpose of state licensing bd
protect welfare of public
who holds privilege?
exceptions to privilege
1. court ordered exam. of pt
2. pt legally incompetent (guardian is holder in this case)
What might the ethics bd ask a professor who has a complaint filed against his teaching?
re-examine teaching methods
Who do psychologists seek to safeguard welfare of?
those with whom they interact & other affected persons
Info on EPPP
1. no specific feedback to examinee
2. Bd can give descriptive info
3. Grievances are filed with the bd
Who may be consulted when providing services to ethnically, linguistically, culturally diverse populations?
consultation or inclusion of religious/spiritual leaders/practitioners relevant to pt belief system
what should you do if you find yourself in an unexpected multiple relationship?
1. talk to the pt
2. determine if role could be expected to impair objectivity, competence, effectiveness or result in exploitation
what do you need if you want to change specialty areas?
coursework and experience
Test scores should be reported in what form?
Estimates of reliability & standard error of measuremt (conf intervals aka percentile bands are derived from SEM) to help the user judge accuracy of given score
what is one instance when you can terminate therapy?
reasonably clear that the pt is not likely to benefit from service
What do you want to consider with an interpreter?
Avoid multiple relationships between client and interpreter
Who are assessment results given to other than 3rd parties?
person assessed or legally authorized persons in language that is reasonably understandable
what do you do if a pt raises own mental condition as issue in legal matter?
privilege is waived; pt can not deny access to ther. records or ther. testimony