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Active transport requires _____ in the form of ______
energy in the form of ATP
Active transport moves...
against the concentration gradient
2 methods of active transport
pumps and change in the cell membrane(endocytosis and exocytosis)
Active transport pumps require what kind of channel?
a protein channel called a "pump"
Active transport pumps require what type of energy?
Active transport pumps move from...
low concentration to high concentration
Active treansport pumps work in the opposite direction of what?
Facilitated diffusion
Energy forces _________ in the membrane against _________
it forces materials through a protein in the membrane against the concentration gradient
2 types of active transport pumps
proton pumps and sodium/potassium pumps
Proton pump
hydrogen ions are moved
Sodium/Potassium pump
3 Na+ pumped out, 2 K+ pumped in
Endocytosis (change in cell membrane)
takes in large material
Cell memebrane moves in until...
until it encapsulates material, becoming a vesicle
Two types of Endocytosis
Phagocytosis and Pinocytosis
"cell eating" (cause gay people...)
Phagocytosis: pseudopods _______ with extensions of the ________
they engulf material with extensions of the cell membrane (like a white blood cell - osmosis - taking in foreign material to kill)
"cell drinking"
How does pinocytosis work?
Membrane wraps around big drop of solution & pulls it in
vesicle that gets rid of large material (exo-exit-out!)
Exocytosis vesicle fuses with the ______ releasing contents _____
fuses with the cell membrane and releases contents outside the cell
2 examples of exocytosis
waste and digestive enzymes