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Raw Materials used
BB Raw materials
+ RM purchases
-EB Raw Materials
Total Manufacturing Costs
Raw Materials used
+Direct Labor
+Manufacturing Overhead
Cost of Goods Manufactured
BB Work in Process
-EB Work in Process
Cost of Goods Sold
BB Finished Goods
= Cost of Goods available for sale
-EB Finished Goods
Prime costs
Direct Materials+ Direct labor
Conversion Costs
direct labor+ Manyfacturing overhead
Contribution Margin per unit
sales revenue per unit- variable costs per unit
Contribution Margin ratio
contribution margin/ sales revenue
BEP (units)
Fixed Costs/ contribution margin per unit
BEP ($)
Fixed Costs/ contribution margin ratio
Target Net income (units)
Fixed Costs+ Target Income/ contribution marging per unit
Target Net Income ($)
Fixed costs+ Target income/ Contribution margin ratio
Weighted Average Contribution margin
(Unit contribution margin product 1 X sales percentage product 1) + (Unit contribution margin product 2 X sales percentage product 2)
Operating Leaverage Factor
Contribution Margin/ Net income
Safety Margin
Budgeted Sales Revenue- Break Even sales Revenue
Invested Capital/ Income
Residual Income
investment center income- (Invested Capital X Imputed Interest rate)
Investment's center after tax operating income- (Investment center's total assets- Investment center's current liabilities) X WACC
( after tax cost of debt X market value of debt)+ (cost of equity captal X market value of equity) / Market value of debt+ market value of equity
Payback period
Initial investment/ annual after tax cash inflow
Investment required/ Net annual cash flow
(Average Incremental Revenue - Average incremental expenses) / Initial investment
He is your Praise ; He is your God, who performed for you those great and awesome wonders you saw with your own eyes
Deuteronomy 10:21
Because of the Lord's great Love we are not consumed, for his compassions never fail. They are new every morning
Lamentations 3:22-23
Create in me a pure heart, O God, and renew a steadfast spirit within me
Psalm 51:10
sales margin
Income/ sales revenue
capital turnover
sales revenue/ invested capital