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Abdul Aklamit
University of Toledo

Ph.D. U Chicago

AREAS: Theory, Political and Comparative, Af-Am Studies; Tech. Change and Class Conflict, Class Transformation of an Urban Black Community, African American Intellectual History
Akil Kokayi Khalfani
Asst. Prof, Essex County College

Ph.D., U Pennsylvania
Arthur Paris
Syracuse U

Ph. D.: 1974 Northwestern U

AREAS: Race / ethnic relations, science / technology, urban society and policy, non-white pop culture
Benjamin P. Bowser
CA State U, East Bay

Ph.D: Cornell University 1976

AREAS: Black middle class, race and racism, HIV/AIDs drug abuse prevention
Carl C. Jorgensen
UC Davis (emeritus)

Ph.D., U Michigan

AREAS Race Relations, Afro-America, Afro-American Thought, Interpersonal Dynamics
Cynthia T. Cook
Adjunct, Queensborough Community College of CUNY
Charles Payne
Charles Pinderhughes
Grad. Student, Boston College
Cheryl Townsend Gilkes
Colby College

AREAS: Af-American religious history;US Race / ethnicity; Af-Am women; Gospel music
Darnell F. Hawkins
U of IL Chicago (retired?)
Diane R. Brown
U of Medicine and Dentistry New Jersey

Ph.D. U Maryland

Research: medical sociology; Af-Am health and healthcare
Doris Wilkinson
U Kentucky
Ph.D., 1968, Case Western U

AREAS: organizations, professions, medical sociology, history of social thought, race / ethnic
Anthony Lemelle
U of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Ph.D. UC Berkeley

AREAS: Af-Am culture, masculinity and HIV/AIDS, race relations
BarBara M. Scott
Northeastern Illinois U

Ph.D. 1988, Northwestern U

past President, ABS
Evita G. Bynum
American University

Executive Officer ABS
Orville Taylor
Senior lecturer in the Department of Sociology, Psychology and Social Work at the University of the West Indies, Mona.
Rodney Coates
Miami University (Ohio)

Ph.D. U Chicago
Sabrina Pendergrass
Grad Student, Harvard

Used to be ABS student rep.

Areas: Cultural sociology, race and ethnicity, internal migration, sociology of religion, and qualitative methods
Thomas LaVeist
Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

PhD, University of Michigan

AREAS: race disparities in health outcomes
Letitia Thomas
Ph.D. 2006, U Buffalo, SUNY
Tyrone A. Forman
UIC, Sociology

PhD, Michigan 2001

AREAS: intergroup prejudice and discrimination, American youth and public opinion, adolescent health and well-being, survey research methods, and African American fathers
Verna M. Keith
Florida State U

Ph.D., 1982 U of Kentucky
Jerry G. Watts
Trinity College

Ph.D., Yale University, 1985

AREAS: Black intellectuals
Johnny E. Williams
Trinity College

PhD., Brandeis University 1995

AREAS: social movements, political sociology, and religion, race, cultural sociology, sociology of science
Earl Wright II
Texas Southern University

Ph.D: 2000, University of Nebraska
Eduardo Bonilla-Silva
Hayward Derrick Horton
University of Albany, SUNY

1985 Ph.D. Pennsylvania State University

Demography, Race/Ethnicity and Structural Inequality, Rural Sociology
John Sibley Butler
U Texas, Austin (Business School)
Juan Battle
Hunter College, CUNY

2006-07 President ABS
Kerry Ann Rockquemore
U of IL at Chicago

Ph.D. 1999, U of Notre Dame

AREAS: Race & Ethnic Relations (biracialism), Family, Gender, Qualitative Methods
Kishi Animashaun Ducre
Syracuse U
Marlese Durr
Wright State University

AEAS: Work and Occupations, Race and Labor Markets, and African American Women
Noel A. Cazenave
U Connecticut

Ph.D., Tulane University. 1977

AREAS: poverty, racism, and political sociology.

2007 Book about community action programs "Impossible Democracy"
Patrick L. Mason
Florida State U

AREAS: Race and policing, stratification/mobility
Rachel E. Sullivan
Long Island University, CW Post Campus

Ph.D., U Connecticut
Rana A. Emerson
Ph.D: U Texas, Austin, 200?
Johnnie M. Griffin
Indiana U, South Bend

Ph.D. 2002 Howard U

AREAS: Race/ethnicity, welfare reform
Thomas C. Calhoun
Southern Illinois U, Carbondale

Ph.D: 1988 U Kentucky

AREAS:deviance, qualitative research methods, race / ethnicity, delinquency.
Carla D’Ann Goar
Northern IL U

Ph.D. 2000 Texas A & M

AREAS: Race / Ethnic Relations, Social Psych.
Kirk Miller
Northern IL U

Ph.D. 2003 N Carolina State U, Raleigh

AREAS: Race, social control, policing
Kristen Myers
Northern IL U

Ph.D. 1998 N Carolina State U

AREAS: race / ethnicity, racial discourse, gender, qual methods
Roberta L. Coles
Marquette U

Ph.D. U Wisconsin-Madison

AREAS: Race / ethnicity, black parenting, public political discourse
Ellington T. Graves
Virginia Polytechnic Inst. and State U.

Ph.D. U of N Carolina, Chapel Hill

AREAS: race / ethnicity (Racial identity
Saw him present at ABS 2007.