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What age group is at risk?
Young adults (generally over 20 years old)
What is the most common anatomic location?
ls adamantinoma benign or malignant?
Low-grade malignant lesion
ls it painful or painless?
How many lesions are usually present?
Multiple lesions
With the exception of multiple lesions, adamantinoma is otherwise similar to?
What are the two radiographic features of adamantinoma?
Bubbly diaphyseal lesion
Permeative throughout tibial diaphysis
How can adamantinoma and OFD be differentiated on plain radiographs?
OFD: cortical
Adamantinoma: permeative
throughout tibial diaphysis
What are the two histologic features of adamantinoma?
Epithelioid "owl eyes" appearance
How can adamantinoma and OFD be differentiated histologically?
Adamantinoma: has epithelial component
OFD: looks like fibrous dysplasia but with osteoblastic rimming
What is the treatment for adamantinoma?
Wide resection