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2 comprehensive levels of analysis
biological (somatogenic)
psychological (psychogenic)
Notions of supernatural causation gave way to more materialist scientific explaination
ex. demonology
4 Humors (had to have balance of to be normal)
blood- tempermental
black bile- melancholy
yellow bile- irritable/anxious
flem- dull, sluggish
Ideology of the French Rev led ______ in 1793 to unchain patients and offered care, other humanitarian efforts followed
Phillip Pinel
Franz Gall 1758-1828 studied bumps on brain to tell characteristics of a person
Currently defined abnormal behavoir
1.Statistcal Infrequency
2.Violations of norms
3.Personal distress
4.Disability or behavorial dysfunction
Statistical infrequency
How often does the behavior occur in the normal population?
Violations of norms
Does the behavior violate social norms or threaten others?, Does it make other ppl anxious, worried, or afraid?
Personal distress
causes personal suffering, distress, and torment
Disability or behavor dysfunction
causes a disability or impairment in a person's functioning
given the situation, behavior can be abnormal when they occur as unexpected responses to environmental stressors
Biological perspective
etiology- looking @genes and body chemistry and chemical embalances
learning perspective
a result of conditioning
cognitive perspective
people's thought patterns and reframe
humanistic perspective
Carl Rogers self-actualization people's problem stem from how they see themselves
Psychodynamic perspective
past childhood resulted in problems today