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What is ROM?
(ROM) Stands for Read Only Memory,and it is normally used to store the computers BIOS.
What is CMOS?
Special kind of memory that holds the BIOS configuration settings.
What does Active Matrix use?
TFT-Thin Film Transistor uses multiple transistors per pixel,resulting in even better display quality.
Whats the Power Supply Voltages?
+5/-5 Volts DC
+12/-12Volts DC
+3.3 Volts DC
Speed of a ISA Bus?
Width- 8-bit or 16bit
Uses- Avoid if possible,or use for slow devices like modems
Speed of a PCI Bus?
Width- 32-bit
Speed 33MHz
Uses- All Nonvideo Internal Expansion Boards
Speed of a AGP Bus?
Width- 64bit
Speed- 66MHz to 133MHz
Uses- The Primary video card in the system
Type 3 PCMCIA Card used for?
up to 10.55mm thick. Used for (Drives).Not common
Type 1 PCMCIA Card used for?
Up to 3.3mm thick.Used mostly for (Memory)