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Where will DOS look for this program?
It begins in the default directory (in this case the root of the hard drive: C). In the following order:, WP.exe, finally WP.bat.

If DOS doesn't find any of these error appears: "Bad command or file not found"
What does the PATH command do?
Displays the set of active paths.
Besides the default root directory, where else might DOS look for a program?
If DOS has been given a list of PATHS to search other than the default directory, it will search them. (You can cause the PATH command to be executed automatically during the boot process by storing the command in the Autoexec.bat file.) However, you can execute the PATH command at any time after booting.
In summary, DOS searhces for executable program files using the following rules: (48)
1. If no path is given before the filename, DOS looks in the current directory.

2. If no path is given, and the file is not in the current directory, DOS looks in the paths given to it by the last PATH command executed.

3. If there is a path given in front of the filename in the command line, DOS looks in that path.

4. If there is a path given, but the file is not found in that path, DOS looks in the paths given to it by the last PATH command executed.
When you tell DOS to execute a program, DOS is unable to find that program unless you do one of the following:
- Include the path to the program file in the PATH command in Autoexec.bat

-Make the directory that contains the program file the default directory, using the CD command

-Include the path to the program file in the command line to execute the program
Which section of memory is considered "conventional" or "base" memory?
0 - 640 K in RAM
Which section of RAM is considered "upper memory?"
640K - 1024 K

(384 K total)
Which section of RAM contains the "high memory area" (HMA)?
1024K - 1088K
(first 64K of extended memory)
Which section of RAM is "extended memory" (includes HMA)?
1024K and up.