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How many heads did the original dot matrix printer have? The new printers?
Old 7

New 24
NLQ = ____ ____ ____
Near Letter Quality
Dot matrix printers were called ____ printers because the actually stuck the page.
Dot matrix printers moved the paper through the printer by a method called ____ ____.
Tractor Feed
What was the name of the specail paper used by dot matrix printers?
Continous Form Paper
How was the speed of a dot matrix printer calculated?
By how many characters it can produce per second
Inkjet printers use 1 of 2 types of ink, what are they?
1 Liquid ink cartridges

2 Solid, wax-based cartridges
Inkjet printers are ________ printers because they never actually touch the paper.
Inkjet printers are also known as ____ _____ because they process an entire page before starting to print.
Page printers
Inkjet printers feed the paper through the printer with the ______ _____ mechanism.
Friction Feed
How does the friction feed method work for inkjet printers?
Small roller press down on the stack of paper and roll the paper into the printer.
Most Liquid & Solid inkjet printers use a _______ process to eject ink onto the paper.
In the case of Liquid inkjet printer the heating element does what to the ink? Solid inkjet printers?
Boiling the ink (Liquid)

Melting the ink (Solid)
An inkjet print head contains between ___ & ___ nozzles, each about the diameter of a human hair.

What type of printer uses a specail crystal at the back of the ink reservoir to eject ink?
What is used to counter the drying of ink inside the jets of an inkjet printer?
All inkjet printers move the print head to a special park position to keep the ink from drying
What does the term Sublimation mean?
to cause something to change from a solid, into a vapor, & back into a solid.
Dye-Sublimation Printers are also known as what?
Thermal dye transfer printers
How does a dye sublimation printer work?
It uses a roll of heat-sensitive plastic film embedded with sections of cyan, magenta, & yellow dye.
During printing with a dye sublimation printer what happens to the heat sensitive film?
a print head containing 1000s of heating elements moves across the film, vaporizing the dyes which soak into the special paper below.
After the vaporized dyes soak into the paper of a dye sublimation printer, what happens next?
The dye cools & reverts to a solid form. The process requires 1 pass per page for each color. (Kodak Printer)