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Who is Emily Geiger?
A southern woman who volunteers to relay a message because the men are afraid to do so. She is eager to carry the message so she can do something for the war. She successfully delivers her message.
Which lines show that Emily Geiger succeeds in her mission?
"Long shall the British rue that march/And Emily Geiger's ride"
During which war does the poem "Emily Geiger" take place?
The Revolutionary War
What happens to the boy who delivered the message to Napoloeon?
He dies.
How is Napoleon presented in the poem "Incident of the French Camp"?
as a compassionate leader; he is compared to a mother eagle watching her bruised eaglet
What was the message that the boy delivered to Napoleon?
That the troops had captured the city, and they were waiting for Napoleon to come.
What is Ally's hobby in "You Need to Go Upstairs"?
What sense does Ally use to distinguish the position of the walkway?
How does Ally know where the walkway is?
She smells the cinders.
To what does Ally compare the trees?
Why does Ally's mother talk to the visitor about the tortoise?
To let Ally know that the tortoise is not out today
How does Ally know that she is approaching the orange bushes?
she smells their bitter-smelling leaves
What does Ally run into at the back door?
the scraper
How does Ally know that she is at the bottom of the stairs?
her mother has put a large round knob on the post at the bottom of the staircase
What is Ally's disability?
She is blind.
After Ally reaches her goal, how does she respond to her mother?
She responds confidently that she is managing "perfectly."
Where has Jerry's father gone?
To San Francisco to take care of legal matters
Why did the Spillanes come to the Yellow Dream mine?
To find the watchman, Hall
Why does Jerry hesitate to help the Spillanes cross on the cable?
Because his father is not there to supervise and the cable has never been used for passengers
What does Jerry do after he knows that the Spillanes have made it across the river? Why does he do this?
He cries because he is relieved and thankful that the Spillanes are safe and partly because his hands hurt.
What does Jerry use to free the Spillanes?
He uses a tenpenny nail to free the key on the stuck cable wheel.
Who is Curdie?
a miner boy who was a friend of the king and Princess Irene
What inhabits the hollow places of the mountain where Curdie lives?
What term is used to describe what Curdie is turning into at the beginning of the story?
a commonplace man
Why is the king considered a real king?
Because he rules for the good of his people
What does Curdie shoot that causes him to be brokenhearted?
a pigeon
Where does he take the pigeon after he realizes it is still alive?
to the castle - to the dove tower whre the grand old princess is and where he is entranced by the sound of a spinning wheel
What does Curdie want to do to his bow and arrow but the princess tells him not to do this?
He wants to burn them, but the princess tells him that he will need them later.
What test does Curdie have to endure?
He has to put his hands in the rosefire - it burns brightly and causes him pain.
Where does the princess send Curdie and what instructions does she give him?
She tells him to go to the court the next morning, to tell his parents that he will be gone for a while, and that she will send a servant to help him.
What servant does the princess send to help Curdie?
Lina - the frightful creature that Curdie saw at the princess's castle - at first Curdie is uncomfortable around her when she first joins him on the heath.
Where does Curdie rest while traveling on the heath?
under a hawthorn tree
What does Curdie encounter while on the heath?
large birds that sing and dance
Who rescues Curdie from the attacking birds? What happens to the rescurer?
Lina - she is injured by the birds - plucked and gashed and torn by the beaks and claws of the birds
Whom does the baker blame for his fall over the stone in the road?
the king
What happens to the dogs that attack Lina and Curdie in Gwyntystorm?
Curdie and Lina kill them in self-defense.
How did Lina and Curdie escape from prison?
Lina dug a hole in the back wall of the prison.
When Curdie and Lina escaped from the prison, where did they find themselves?
In the King's wine cellar
What does Curdie see in the wine cellar that makes him suspicious?
he sees a man putting something into the third cask, rinsing the glass, and drinking from a different cask
What does Curdie discover about the kitchen and sculleries of the palace?
They are filthy and neglected.
How does Princess Irene react when Curdie approaches the king's bed for the first time?
She instantly recognizes him because they have met previously when they were younger.
What do the people outside the palace know about the king's condition?
They are ignorant - they know nothing.
What food does Curdie get for the king?
He gets bread from the baker - he leaves money on the counter to pay for the bread.
What does the lord chamberlain want the king to do?
sign a will drawn up by the attorney general
What does Curdie accuse the king's servants of being?
traitors and villains
Which servant of the king tried to kill Curdie after Curdie made his accusations?
the butler
Which servant of the king came forward when Curdie offered a pardon?
the page
Who helped Curdie and Lina defeat the king's servants?
the uglies
Who were the two main conspirators against the king?
the lord chamberlain and the attorney general
What did the conspirators plan to do?
kidnap the king, announce that he had died, read the will they had drawn up, and proceed to govern the land
How did Curdie feel about the battle to save the kingdom?
He was not afraid because he knew his cause was a right one.
What was the king's condition on the morning of the battle?
He woke up in good health ready to fight his enemies.
Essay question - From any of the selections in this unit, choose one character you would classify as a responder to an unexpected adventure. Choose another character you would classify as a contender who willingly accepts a hazardous challenge. Tell why you think these characters are especially inspiring and what application you can make based on their adventures. Be sure to include specific information from the story or poem.
essay question