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Describe ground pneumatic air.
Unconditioned, supplied to right side of pneumatic manifold from right side of airplane, no cockpit controls.
Dual bleed condition:
APU bleed valve is open, #1 engine bleed is on. Same w/ #2 and isol valve open.
Describe the APU bleed valve.
Electrically controlled, pneumatically actuated.
What does AUTO position of the ISOLATION VALVE switch do?
Opens and closes with reference to the position of the pack and engine BLEED switches.
When do the WING-BODY OVERHEAT lights illuminate?
-overheat in the area surrounding the pneumatic ducting
What things can the TRIP RESET Button reset if the cause no longer exists?
-Engine Bleed Trip
-Pack Trip
-Duct Overheat
What extra things does the WING BODY OVERHEAT left light look at?
Keel Beam and APU bleed duct.
What 4 things does the Air Condition system do?
-pax crew comfort
-heat cargo compartments
-cool electronic equipment
-air for pressurization
One pack can pressurize to what at what altitude? Can it keep us warm and cool too?
8000' up to 37,000. Yep, all altitudes.
When is NORMAL pack flow available?
One pack is in AUTO and on the ground, or in air with flaps down.
When do packs go to high flow?
-switch HIGH
-one pack AUTO, in flight, flaps up
-one pack AUTO, APU bleeding w/ both engine bleed switches off
When is APU in high flow?
-one pack in HIGH
-APU bleed valve open
-On the ground
Describe air mix valve operation.
After hot and cold air are mixed, the air mix manifold gets all the air from the right and 80% of the left. The remaining 20% goes right to the cockpit
WHen does the ram inlet door move to the full open position?
On the ground or in the air with the flaps extended.
Where is the probe for the supply duct?
Left cabin supply duct, monitors air from the air mix manifold.
When is recirc fan operating if its switch is in AUTO? (3 bags of air)
-Fan is on during normal operating configuration
-Off if both packs are on and one or both is in HIGH.
Equiment cooling system consists of what?
Two supply fans, two exhaust fans, exhaust valve and port, and no airflow sensors or lights.
PACK TRIP OFF lights indicate?
-Excessive pack temp or supply duct temp.
-pack valve closes and airmix valve drives full cold