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Can you put potable water selector valve in DRAIN during flight?
No, damage can occur to the airplane structure from dislodging ice.
Nose to Tail
Height of Tail
Height of Fuselage
Nacelle to Ground
101' 9"
94' 9"
36' 6"
13' 2"
17' 2"
Turn radius (300)
65' minimum pavement for 180 (Tail)
How long does the AUTO UNLK light flash amber after emergency access code is entered?
30 seconds
How much potable water and how is tank pressurized?
30 gallons, left engine manifold
What does placing the potable water selector valve position to DRAIN do?
Sends all water overboard.
Where are the Galley power circuit breakers?
P6-11 and P6-12
Describe Cargo Compartments (3)
2, heated, pressurized, plug type inward opening door.
What is the seasonal restriction regarding aft cargo compartment?
No animals from May 1 to Sept 30.
What if the pilots get locked out of the cockpit?
Only way back in is emergency access code or depower airplane.
Describe cockpit access after entry has been requested.
During the 30 second delay, pilots can deny access at any time, and door will disable routine and emergency access for 30 minutes.
What is the emergency access code?
What position of the door lock indicates cabin key won't work?
Both bars horizontal, green dots visible.
What does FLIGHT DECK ACCESS SYSTEM switch do?
Removes power from the door alarm speaker and latch. Illuminates the LOCK FAIL light.
Regarding access code entry, what does DENY do to the door?
Prevents further access code entry for 30 minutes, as well as inhibits aural alerts.
What are the primary and backup sources of performance data?
ACARS/Unimatic is primary. N1/ATOG and FM flow charts are considered backup.
During route deviations, Method 1 or 2, what does the crew have to take into consideration? (2)
Sufficient terrain clearance and airplane performance exists.
How is the assumed temperature calculated to allow for weight fluctuations?
TOG has 1000 lbs added to it