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stored fermented forage
What do we eat that is similar to silage?
Silage Making
1.Cut down the crop you wish to use
2.Pick it up from the field and at desired location
3.Pack/press all air out of it, wrap with plastic and cover with tires to hold plastic
Silage is stored how?
In bags with no oxygen once fermented for years!
Sugars are fermented into _____, _______, _______, and _______ acids by anaerobic microorganisms.
lactic, acetic, propionic and butyric
The formation of the acids _________ (target= _ b/c at this pt all microorganisms die)
reduces pH; 4
Low pH “pickles” product preventing _______________________ that cause aerobic degradation
growth of yeast and molds
Protein is degraded into ______ and ___ (target is _____ of ammonia per __ N)
ammonia; NPN; <100g; kg
animals that feed on phytoplankton; IE: krill (shrimp like marine invertebrates)
What is the importance of zooplankton stool?
It is a heavy pellet that sinks deep to the bottom, providing a photosynthetically carbon source for deep ocean organisms
Zooplankton practice what type of migration? Why is that important?
Practice vertical migration: they migrate to the deep at dawn and to the top at dusk (larger creatures eat them all along their migration)
Deep sea creatures:
viper fish, fangtooth, dragon fish, tubeworm
Marine food chain:
phytoplankton-> zooplankton-> small fish-> bigger fish-> mammals
What does the suffix “plankton” mean?
* greek “plankos”, to wander
* greek “plankos”, to wander; b/c not big enough to fight surrent, so they wander whereever the current takes them
Why do most fish kills occur during summer?
1.warm water holds less DO (dissolved oxygen) warm water the O2 demand by fish is greater
3. in warm water algea grow more rapidly