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Which formula would you use to convert to KB?
bytes / 1024
What is IIS?
IIS(Internet Information Server) is a Web server that provides a complete set of functionalities for building, managing, and running Web applications. IIS manages HTTP connections, requests, and authorization and other functionality necessary for the Web application to function properly.
What is an XML schema?
a description, contained either inline or in another file, of the data contained in an XML file
What is remoting?
distributing objects across different process and machine boundaries
Which term refers to the process of identifying a user?
Which term refers to the ability to execute code under a different security context?
What does it mean for an application to have a single-tier design?
all functionality of the application is coded into one tier that includes user interface logic, business logic, and data access logic
Which four stakeholder roles should also be represented on the project team?
Project sponsor, Customer, End user, and Operations
To what does the term "thick client" refer?
A thick client refers to a client/server application that requires all users to have a client program running on their computers. This client program contains the majority of the logic needed by the application, requiring less server processing resources.
What is a milestone?
a specific point in a project at which progress is reported and reviewed
To what does the term "side-by-side execution" refer?
concurrently running multiple versions of the same assembly
What are the six roles in the MSF Team Model?
Product Management, Program Management, Development, Testing, User Experience, and Release Management
What is an n-tier application?
an application whose architecture consists of more than two layers, usually including at least a presentation layer, a business logic layer, and a data services layer
How does asynchronous processing differ from synchronous processing?
With asynchronous processing, a separate process is spawned that runs separately from the original process. This allows the original process to continue work and allow the action to take place in the background.
Which formula would you use to convert bytes to GB?
bytes / 1073741824
What is managed code?
code that runs under the CLR(common language runtime)
What is the Global Assembly Cache(GAC)?
a machine-specific location that stores shared assemblies
What is an assembly?
An assembly is the main unit of deployment for a .NET application. This could be an EXE of a DLL.
In a three-tier architecture, which three layers of service type make up the logical design?
User Services layer(user interface), Business Services layer(business logic and rules), and Data Services layer(data access components)
Which term refers to a client application that only requires the user to have an intranet or Internet connection and a Web browser?
thin client
Which term refers to the process of determining whether or not a user has the rights to access code?
What is SOAP?
Simple Object Access Protocol(SOAP)is a lightweight XML-based protocol used for exchanging information in a distributed environment.
When multiple connections to the same database are opened and you are using connection pooling, what determines when a new connection pool is created?
A new connection pool is created for each unique connection string.
In a logical design, what is contained in the User Services layer?
user interface components, including all the elements that the user interacts with, elements used to format the data to be presented, and logic to control user interaction with the application interface
To what does the term "deliverable" refer?
the tangible output of a step or phrase of a project
What is a VPN?
A VPN(Virtual Private Network) is a private network that communicates over public hosts (often over the Internet). Authentication and encryption ensure that only authorized users are allowed access.
What is the purpose of referential integrity?
It ensures that a row in a table cannot be deleted or updated if doing so would cause any related table rows to be orphaned.
In which phases of the MSF Process Model would you identify and resolve bugs in your application?
the development phase and the stabilizing phase
What is a living document?
a document that continues to evolve over a span of time
Which formula would you use to convert bytes to MB?
bytes / 1048576
In a multi-tier architecture, what does the Data Services layer do?
provides data-related functionality, such as inserting, updating, or deleting data
What is Active Directory?
a central component of the Windows platform that provides directory services that allow you to configure and manage distributed networks
What is ISAPI?
Internet Server API(ISAPI) is an API provided by IIS that exposes the basic IIS functionality.
Which three design processes take place during the planning phase of a project?
conceptual design, logical design, and physical design
What are the five phases of the MSF Process Model?
envisioning, planning, developing, stabilizing, and deploying
What is connection pooling?
Connection pooling refers to the process of creating stand-by connections to the database based on a connection string and reusing these connections whenever your application tries to open another connection with the same string. Connection pooling can increase application performance by reducing the number of open and close operations for connections on the SQL Sever.
What is a firewall?
hardware or software whose primary function is to protect a network from inbound and outbound unauthorized access
What is a strong-named assembly?
A strong-named assembly is an assembly that has been given a strong name that uniquely identifies the assembly. The strong name includes the assembly's name, version, culture information, and a public key encrypted by a private key.
According to the MSF Process Model, what are the three deliverables of the planning phase?
a functional specification, a risk management plan, and a master project plan and a master project schedule
In a multi-tier application, which layer encapsulates the business logic and processes?
Business Services layer