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Should coding methodology be included in a project scope definition?
When would a Web-based client be most appropriate?
if the application's users will be geographically dispersed, will be using a wide variety of hardware and operating systems, and will not have direct access to a network or intranet
What is risk mitigation?
taking actions that will reduce the probability or impact of a risk
How does the business feasibility of a solution differ from the technical feasibility of a solution?
The business feasibility of a solution refers to whether the solution is feasible from a business perspective, while the technical feasibility refers to whether the solution is feasible from a technical perspective.
What is a vision statement?
a statement that presents the overall visualization of a project
Which milestone indicates the end of the envisioning phase of the MSF Process Model?
approval of the vision/scope document
What does the scope of a project specify?
the functionality that will and will not be included
What are the six steps of the MSF risk management process?
identification, analysis and prioritization, planning and scheduling, tracking and reporting, controlling and learning