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What is a Management Information Base (MIB)?
the defined events that an SNMP Agent will report on
What protocols can be used with SNMP?
IP and IPX
What are the five levels of SNMP permissions?
none, notify, read only, read create, and read write
What security vulnerability does SNMP have? How can it be overcome?
SNMP data is transmitted in cleartext, but SNMP can be configured to use IPSec
What protocol does Terminal Services use?
Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP)
What port does RDP use?
Where should RAS servers be placed?
in a DMZ
What IP ports does IPSec use?
50 and 51
What UDP port does IPSec use?
In the US, what two strengths is MPPE available in?
40-bit and 128-bit
What strength is MPPE available in worldwide?
In the US and Canada, what strengths is IPSec available in?
40-bit DES, 56-bit DES, and 168-bit 3DES
What strengths is IPSec available in outside the US?
40-bit DES and 56-bit DES
What is Authenticated Session Certificate used for?
authenticating clients
By default, where are the certificate database and the certificate log files installed?
What three transport protocols does RADIUS support?
TCP/IP, NWLink, and AppleTalk
How does Windows 2000 implement the KDC?
as a domain service
Does Distributed Password Authentication use symmetric or asymmetric authentication?
What sort of organizations tend to use Distributed Password Authentication?
large internet membership organizations (MSN, CompuServe)
What service is Distributed Password Authentication (DPA) a part of?
Microsoft Commercial Internet System (MCIS)
What does Distributed Password Authentication (DPA) do?
DPA allows users to use a single password to connect to multiple websites that are part of the same membership organization
What does the Security Support Provider Interface (SSPI) do?
SSPI isolates application-level protocols from security protocols
What protocol is used with SSL to provide for secure credit card transactions across the web?
Secure Electronic Transaction (SET) secure payment protocol
Where do standalone CA's publish CRL's by default?
What is the default key length for user certificates?
1024 bits
What is the default key length for root CA certificates?
4096 bits
What is the first record in any DNS zone file?
a Start of Authority (SOA) resource record
What is the default zone refresh interval for Windows 2000 DNS?
15 minutes
Who is responsible for resolving a recursive query?
the DNS server queried
Who is responsible for resolving iterative queries?
the client
Who is responsible for DNS updates for a statically-configured client?
the client
Who is responsible for removing DNS records if a RAS client disconnects unexpectedly?
the RAS server
What is a client's default method of attempting to update DNS?
the client attempts an insecure update, then attempts a secure update if that fails
Who is the owner of an object created by the DNS Update Proxy?
the first non-DNS Update Proxy group member to touch that object
What security is set when a member of the DNS Update Proxy group creates an object?
no security is set