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Where are the default SNMP ports configured?
in %systemroot%\system32\drivers\etc\services
What command should be used to shut down a Terminal Services server?
How should programs be installed on a Terminal Server? Why?
Programs should be installed on a Terminal Server via Add/Remove Programs, so they are available for multisession use
What two protocols are necessary to run Terminal Services?
What level of encryption do low- and medium-encryption Terminal Service settings provide?
56-bit encryption for 2000 clients, and 40-bit encryption for legacy clients
What is the difference between the low- and medium-encryption Terminal Service settings?
Low-encryption only encrypts communications from the client to the server
What encryption strength is provided with high encryption on Terminal Services?
128-bit encryption
Where is high-level Terminal Services encryption available?
in the US and Canada only
What protocol does SNMP use to send data?
Who sends a GET message, and what does it do?
GET is sent by a management system to request information about a single MIB entry
What is a GET-NEXT message most useful for?
querying dynamic tables, such as IP route tables
What is a SET message used for?
assigning MIB values to agents
What SNMP message requests that the agent send as much information in each transmission as possible?
What is a NOTIFY message also known as?
a trap message
What is the management system that receives the trap message known as?
the trap destination
By default, what port is used to listen for SNMP messages?
UDP 161
By default, what port is used to listen for SNMP traps?
UDP 162
By default, what port is used to listen for SNMP traps?
UDP 162
What happens when an SNMP agent receives a request from a community not on their list?
the request is denied, and an authentication trap is generated
What are the four default groups for Terminal Services?
Administrators, System, Users, and Guests
By default, what access permissions does the Guest have on Terminal Services?
the ability to log on to a session only
What two ports are associated with PPTP?
47 and 1723
What three ports are associated with L2TP?
1701, 500, and 50
What two encryption algorithms are used by IPSec?
DES and 3DES
What is Cipher Block Chaining (CBC) used for?
disguising patterns of identical data blocks within a packet
What port does ISAKMP use?
UDP 500
What is a soft association?
a communications association that is unsecured
What IPSec mode is used to encrypt endpoint-to-endpoint communication?
transport mode
What secedit switch prevents progress information from being displayed?
What IPSec mode is used when all communications are sent through a single encrypted channel?
tunnel mode
Why is the Client (Respond Only) IPSec policy often deployed at the domain level?
to ensure that clients can respond to secure requests if necessary
What are the three main components of an IPSec policy?
IP Security rule, IP filter lists, and IP filter actions
What does IPSec use to encapsulate all the TCP/IP protocols?
In IPSec, what monitors, filters, and secures traffic?
the IPSec driver
What part of IPSec oversees security negotiations between hosts and provides keys?
What provides the interface between the IPSec driver and the Policy Agent?
the Security Association (SA)
What is the default security protocol for IPSec?