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What command can be used to re-register a WINS name registration?
nbtstat -RR
What address is used for WINS automatic partner replication? (multicast)
What does a WINS push partner use to determine if it should send a notification?
the number of changes to the database
What do WINS pull partners use to determine if they should request an update?
time intervals
How many rules can a single IPSec policy have associated with it?
an unlimited number
In an IPSec rule's properties, what are the three options for Connection Types?
all network connections, LAN, and remote access
How many filter lists can be associated with an IPSec rule?
How many filter actions can be associated with an IPSec rule?
How many authentication methods can be associated with an IPSec rule?
an unlimited number
What are the two default IPSec IP filters?
All IP Traffic and All ICMP traffic
What are the five pieces of an IPSec filter?
source address, destination address, whether the rule should be mirrored, protocols, and ports
What is IPSec Tunnel Mode (without L2TP) normally used for?
connecting a Windows 2000 network to a remote device that does not support L2TP or PPTP
What filtering ability is not available in IPSec Tunnel Mode?
the ability to filter by port or protocol
What two things should be audited to collect IPSec data?
logon events and object access
What is system event 279?
event generated by the IPSec Policy Agent- shows which policy was installed and where it came from
What is system event 284?
event generated by the IPSec Policy Agent- agent can't retrieve policy
What is security event 541?
IPSec SA was established
What is security event 542?
IPSec SA was closed
What is security event 547?
IPSec negotiation failed
Microsoft recommends against doing what when using IPSec tunneling?
mirroring rules
What should be done to force immediate reloading of the IPSec policy?
stop and restart the IPSec Policy Agent
What must be done to enable IPSec on a local computer?
assign an IPSec policy
How many WINS servers can be configured for a client?
What does a WINS proxy do?
listens for NetBIOS broadcasts and forwards them to a WINS server for resolution
When would a WINS proxy server be used?
when there are systems that use NetBIOS but do not support WINS
How is a machine configured as a WINS proxy?
by adding EnableProxy with a value of 1 to HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\NetBT\Parameters
How does WINS burst handling work?
once the registration queue fills to a certain point (500 by default), clients are automatically approved with a short TTL
What drawback does verifying WINS database consistency have?
it is resource-intensive
How often is the WINS database backed up by default?
every three hours
What group will allow first-level support read-only access to WINS information?
WINS Users
Where are PPP logs stored?
What must be done to ensure that RAS users can get a full range of DHCP options?
the RAS server must be configured as a DHCP relay agent
Where are remote access policies stored?
on the RAS server on which they are created
How is the default remote access policy configured?
allow access if the user account is set to "allow access"; otherwise, deny access
What are the three parts of a remote access policy?
policy conditions, permissions, and profile
What happens if a user's account is set to "control access through remote access policy" and none of the policies apply to them?
they are denied access
If a user is dialing in, and their account is set to "control access through remote access policy", how is it decided which policy applies?
the first policy whose conditions are fully met will be applied
What happens if there are no remote access policies on a RAS server?
everyone is denied access
In a mixed-mode domain, what RAS permissions are user accounts set to by default?
deny access
In a native-mode domain, what RAS permissions are user accounts set to by default?
control access through remote access policy
What happens to the RAS permissions on existing user accounts when a domain is switched to native mode?
they are switched to "control access through remote access policy"
What is a remote access profile?
the settings a user is given if they meet the conditions and permissions in a remote access policy
What happens if a user is able to meet the conditions and permissions of a remote access policy, but can't meet the remote access profile?
they are denied access