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Each time that a DHCP client starts, it requests an _ _ from a _ _.
IP address
DHCP server
When the DHCP server receives the request, it selects an _ _ from a range of _ defined in its database.
IP address
The DHCP server _ this address to the DHCP client.
If the client accepts the offer, the DHCP server leases the IP address to the client for a specified _ _ _
period of time.
The default duration of an IP address lease is _ _.
eight days
DHCP uses a four-step process to lease IP addressing information to DCHP clients:

IP lease _
IP lease _
IP lease _
IP lease _
The lease generation process begins when a client computer either _ _ or _ _ for the first time.
starts up
initializes TCP/IP
The lease process also begins when a client computer attempts to renew its lease and is _ (such as when a client computer is moved to another _).
the client initializes a _ version of TCP/IP and broadcasts a _ message for IP addressing information.
The client does not yet have an IP address, so it uses _ as the source address.
because the client does not know the IP address of a DHCP server, it uses _ as the destination address.
The request message also contains the _ address
media access control (MAC)
The message also contains the client's _ _ so that DHCP servers can determine which _ sent the request.
computer name
All DHCP servers that have an IP address that is _ for the network segment to which the client is connected respond with a _ message

The DHCPOFFER message contains:

1) The client's _ _
2) An _ IP address
3) A subnet _
4) The _ of the _

5) A _ _, which is the IP address of the offering DHCP server
hardware address
length lease
server identifier
The DHCP client waits _ _ for an offer. If it does not receive an offer, it rebroadcasts the request four times at _ _ _ and _ second intervals, plus a random length of time between 0 and _ milliseconds.
one second
2-, 4-, 8-, and 16-
If the client does not receive an offer after _ requests, it uses an IP address in the reserved range from _ to 169.254._._
The DHCP client continues in an attempt to find a DHCP server every _ minutes.
The DHCP client responds to the first offer that it receives by broadcasting a _ message to accept the offer.
The DHCPREQUEST message includes the _ _ of the server whose offer it accepted.
server identification
All other DHCP servers then _ _ _
retract their offers
The DHCP server issuing the accepted offer broadcasts a _ _ message _ to acknowledge the successful lease.
DHCP acknowledgement
When the DHCP client receives the acknowledgment, TCP/IP _ by using the _ _ that the DHCP server provides.
configuration information
A DHCP client automatically attempts to renew its lease when _ _ of the lease duration expires.
50 percent
To attempt a lease renewal, the DHCP client sends a _ _ _ to the DHCP server from which it obtained the lease.
DHCPREQUEST message directly
If the DHCP server is available, it _ the lease and sends the client a _ message with the new _ _
lease duration
If the DHCP server is unavailable, the client continues to use its _ _ _.
current configuration parameters.
If a DHCP client cannot renew its lease at the percent interval, the client continues to use its current configuration parameters. It then broadcasts a _ message to update its address lease when _ percent of the current lease duration expires.
If a client requests an invalid or duplicate address for the network, a DHCP server can respond with a _ _ _ _.
DHCP denial message (DHCPNAK).
When the server responds with a DHCPNAK, This forces the client to _ _ _ _ and obtain a new, valid address.
release its IP address
All communication between a DHCP server and a DHCP client occurs using _ ports _ and _
If the lease expires, the client must immediately _ its use of the current IP address. The DHCP client then begins the _ _ _ in an attempt to lease a new IP address
DHCP lease process
When you restart a DCHP client, it _ _ to _ the IP address lease that it had when it _ _
automatically attempts
shut down
If the lease request is _, the client attempts to contact the _ _ _. If the _ _ responds and lease time is still available, the DHCP client uses the same _ _ until its next lease _ _.
configured default gateway
default gateway
IP address
renewal attempt
If the DHCP client cannot renew the lease or contact the _ _, it stops using the _ _ _.
default gateway
current IP address
The client then uses an IP address in the reserved range from _ to _ and tries to contact a DHCP server every _ minutes