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How can DNS be tested with Netdiag?
Netdiag /test:DNS
When used to test DNS, what two things does Netdiag do?
checks to see if the machine is correctly registered in the listed DNS servers, and checks to see if the DNS cache service is running
What are the four DNS character sets for naming?
Strict RFC (ANSI), Non RFC (ANSI), Multibyte (UTF8), and Any Character
What characters are allowed in the DNS character set Strict RFC (ANSI)?
letters, numbers, and hyphens
What additional character does the DNS character set Non RFC (ANSI) support?
What additional feature does the DNS character set Multibyte (UTF8) support?
non-ASCII characters
What is the lowest BIND version that will support SRV records?
BIND v4.9.7
What is the lowest BIND version that will support dynamic updates?
BIND v8.1.2
What is the lowest version of BIND that will support incremental zone transfers?
BIND v8.2
What command is used to view the NetBIOS name cache?
nbtstat -c
What are the four NetBIOS node types?
B-node (Broadcast), H-node (Hybrid), M-node (Mixed), and P-node (Peer-to-Peer)
What NetBIOS node type will a host not configured with the address of a WINS server use by default?
What NetBIOS node type will a host configured with a WINS server address use by default?
What is normally used to configure NetBIOS node types on a host?
What command will show what NetBIOS node type a host is using?
ipconfig /all
How does NetBIOS H-node attempt name resolution?
by contacting a WINS server, then via B-node if that fails
How does NetBIOS M-node attempt name resolution?
via broadcast, then contacting a WINS server if that fails
When is NetBIOS M-node often configured?
when the WINS server is across a WAN link
How does NetBIOS enhanced B-node attempt name resolution?
via broadcast, then by consulting the LMHOSTS file
What sort of addresses should be listed in LMHOSTS?

remote hosts- LMHOSTS is used by NetBIOS B-node, which attempts local broadcast name resolution first
Where is the LMHOSTS file stored?
How can entries from LMHOSTS be pre-loaded into the NetBIOS name cache?
mark entries with #PRE
What does CHAP use for hashing?
What two EAP types does Windows 2000 come with?
What does EAP MD5-CHAP use for authentication?
a hashed challenge
What does EAP-TLS use for authentication?
public-key certificates
When are remote access policies available?
when the domain is in native mode
What happens if the RRAS service is stopped or restarted?
the settings are erased
Is RAS multilinking on by default?
What are Bandwidth Allocation Protocol (BAP) and Bandwidth Allocation Control Protocol (BACP) used for?
dynamically adding or removing links during a multilink session
If you want to use a static IP address pool for RAS clients, what should be done at the DHCP server?
create an exclusion for those addresses
What box must be checked to allow IPX clients to access resources beyond the RAS server?
Enable network access for remote clients and demand-dial connections (on the IPX tab)
What does the Use The Same Network Number For All IPX Clients check box do?
allows all IPX resources to be visible to all IPX clients
Why is it best to leave Allow Remote Clients To Request IPX Node Number unchecked?
it could allow an IPX client to impersonate another IPX device
What two methods can be used to control who can access a RAS server?
remote access profiles and remote access policies
How are domain controllers designated in LMHOSTS?
their records are marked with #DOM:<domainname>
How can centralized LMHOSTS files be implemented?
by adding #INCLUDE <path> to each LMHOSTS file
How are multihomed systems designated in LMHOSTS?
with #MH
How are multihomed systems designated in LMHOSTS?
with #MH
Does a computer need to reboot after changing its IP address?
not on 2000 clients and later