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How should a RAS server be configured to restrict remote TCP/IP users to the RAS server's resources only?
uncheck the "Enable IP Routing" option
What three types of routes can routing tables contain?
network routes, host routes, and the default route
What are the two operation modes for RIP?
periodic update mode, and auto-static mode
What RIP operation mode is the default?
periodic update mode
What is a RIP route?
a dynamic route (disappears when the router is stopped)
How are routes received from other routers marked while RIP is in periodic update mode?
as RIP routes
Why is RIP's periodic update mode not appropriate for demand-dial connections?
the router will bring up the connection every time it needs to broadcast its routing table
When does RIP broadcast its routing table when in auto-static mode?
only when a remote router asks for it
How are routes received from other routers marked when RIP is in auto-static mode?
as static routes (persistent)
What RIP mode do demand-dial interfaces default to?
auto-static mode
What is an OSPF area?
a collection of interconnected networks
What network component connects OSPF areas?
What are routers that link OSPF areas together called?
area border routers
By default, does RRAS prefer static or dynamic addresses?
static addresses
What tool is used to install RIP and OSPF?
the RRAS console
In OSPF, what are virtual links used for?
connecting backbone area border routers to non-backbone area border routers
Is OSPF capable of screening out individual routes?
Is RIP capable of screening out individual routes?
What command is used to manually add static routes?
route add
What is Silent RIP?
RIP mode where a router listens for updates but does not advertise its own
What is Silent RIP often used for?
connecting small networks
Where is a HOSTS file stored?
What does split-horizon processing do?
tells a RIP router that routes learned on a network should not be re-broadcast to that network
How does poison reverse-processing work?
routes received from a network are re-broadcast to that network with a metric of 16
What does a route metric of 16 do?
tells the router that the route is unreachable
What is a broadcast router?
a router that can talk to any number of other routers
What is a point-to-point router?
a router that has only one peer
What are the three Network Type options for OSPF routers?
broadcast router, point-to-point router, and non-broadcast multiple access (NBMA)
What command-line tool is used to view the routing table?
route print
What is the protocol ID for Generic Routing Encapsulation (GRE)?
What TCP port does PPTP use?
TCP port 1723
What two Allow filters would be necessar to allow inbound PPTP traffic?
allow protocol ID 47 (GRE), and allow TCP port 1723 (PPTP)
What four filters are necessary to screen L2TP traffic?
input filter with destination IP address for VPN server, with subnet mask, protocol UDP, and destination port 500; corresponding outbound filter; input filter with destination IP address for VPN server, with subnet mask, protocol UDP, and destination port 1701; corresponding outbound filter
When creating demand-dial interfaces, what must be done to allow incoming calls to the router?
a suitable user account must be created for the remote router to use
What is the function of the OSPF Properties dialog box's External Routing tab?
to give control over which route sources the OSPF engine will use in addition to OSPF-delivered routes
Can RIP and OSPF coexist on a single RRAS server?
yes- they can even coexist on a single NIC
How do you control router discovery messages?
through the General tab of the Properties dialog box for a LAN interface
If OSPF routers are being used with a DSL or T1 connection, how should the RRAS server be configured?
as a point-to-point router