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Why might you configure root zones on a DNS server?
if the DNS clients do not connect to the Internet, or you do not want them querying the Internet
What does WINS Forward Lookup do?
passes queries that DNS can't resolve to WINS for resolution
What does "A recursive query to other DNS servers" test that "A simple query against this DNS server" does not?
recursive querying
How can you determine what suffixes are given to unqualified names submitted to a DNS server?
enter nslookup in debug mode and enter an unqualified name
What does running nslookup by itself do?
puts nslookup in interactive mode
What interactive mode nslookup command will enter debugging mode?
set d2
What command would be used in nslookup interactive mode to look for a particular type of record?
set type
What command is used to reset the DNS resolver cache on a machine?
ipconfig /flushdns
What command is used to display a client's DNS resolver cache?
ipconfig /displaydns
What command will refresh all DHCP leases and register related DNS names?
ipconfig /registerdns
Where is the DNS logfile stored?
By default, what is the maximum size of dns.log?
4 Mb
What client OS's support dynamic updates?
Windows 2000 and above
What may be the cause of slow DNS name resolution?
the name server database contains a large number of stale records
What can you do if DNS queries are generating lots of network traffic?
increase the TTL the resolver has for caching resource records
Do standard (non-AD Integrated) DNS zones support dynamic updates?
When using dynamic updates, what record does the client update?

What record does the DHCP server update?
the client updates the A record, and the DHCP server updates the PTR record
To promote a member server to a DC, what must the DNS server support?
SRV records
What two records are required for nslookup to work?
forward lookup records and reverse lookup records
When registering a domain name, the addresses of what DNS servers must be provided?
a primary and secondary DNS server
What does a WINS proxy agent do?
allows hosts to query WINS servers on other subnets for names on that subnet
What method do WINS servers use to announce themselves to other WINS servers?
periodic multicasts
What WINS servers can use automatic partner configuration?
Windows 2000 servers and above
What does an unattached WINS server do when it hears a multicast announcement?
adds the other server as a push/pull partner
How often do WINS automatic partners pull data?
every two hours
How long do automatic WINS partnerships last?
until one of the partners is restarted
How long do manually-created WINS partnerships last?
until the partnership is manually broken
Where does best practice say WINS databases should be backed up to?

WINS databases should be backed up to a different physical disk in the server (it can't be stored on a network drive)- NT tended to corrupt the WINS database
What two sources can WINS records be checked against?
the server that issued them, or a randomly-selected replication partner
Where is the WINS database stored by default?
At what two levels can WINS replication be controlled?
for all partnerships for a given server, or for individual partnerships
What are static WINS mappings normally used for?
providing WINS resolution for clients that don't use NetBIOS, such as UNIX or Macintosh clients
What are the two options for searching a WINS database?
Find By Name or Find By Owner
What is online compaction?
the process whereby the WINS server periodically deletes unneeded records
What drawback does online compaction have?
it doesn't reclaim unused space
What tool can be used to compress a DHCP or WINS database?
What step must be taken before using jetpack on a database?
the service using the database must be stopped
What is an owner-version mapping table?
a table that tracks which WINS server owns a particular registration, as well as the highest version ID from that server
How should a corrupt WINS database be repaired?
stop the WINS service, remove the database files, and restart the service (database will replicate from partners)
When a client can't resolve a WINS name, what should be checked first?
the client configuration
What is the likely problem if clients can resolve WINS names on their own subnet, but not on another?
there is no WINS server available for the remote subnet
What does the Intervals tab of the WINS server properties control?
when client records are renewed, marked extinct, or verified