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What tool is used to troubleshoot demand-dial connections?
What protocol does 2000 use for multicasting?
Internet Group Messaging Protocol (IGMP)
What is IGMP's function?
to track multicast group membership
What will happen if DNS root server hints are not configured or updated?
the DNS server will be able to answer simple queries, but not recursive queries
What is an authoritative DNS query?
one whose answer is confirmed by a DNS server authoritative for that zone
What is a nonauthoritative DNS query?
a query that is not confirmed by a DNS server authoritative for that zone
What is the default DHCP lease duration?
eight days
Within a particular scope, how are scope-level options denoted?
with a yellow gear and a blue gear
Within a particular scope, how are options inherited from the server level denoted?
with a yellow gear and a server icon
Why should RRAS be housed on a member server, rather than a DC?
to limit the potential damage a security breach could cause
Where does a RAS server log connection activity?
in %systemroot%\system32\LogFiles
What VPN technologies can Macintosh clients use?
none- their only option is SSL
What are the two major advantages of CIDR?
fewer entries required in routing tables, and more IP address ranges available
Which Microsoft-supported routing protocols support CIDR and VLSM?
RIP v.2 and OSPF
What tool would be used to synchronize AD with NDS?
Microsoft Directory Synchronization Services (MSDSS)
What three components are necessary to install Gateway Services for Netware?
the same account on Windows 2000 and Netware, rights assignment on a Netware folder, and an NTGATEWAY group on the Netware server
What does IPSec use as its default authentication method?
How many WINS servers does Microsoft recommend?
(1 per 10,000 users) + 1
What is used to integrate non-Windows computers into WINS?
WINS proxies
What services can WINS proxies provide to non-WINS clients?
name resolution only- not WINS registration
What two ways can be used to ensure that a WINS server is functional?
check for the wins.exe process in Task Manager, and check the WINS snap-in
How often are WINS statistics updated by default?
every 10 minutes
What is the default WINS renewal interval?
6 days
What is the default WINS extinction interval?
4 days
What is the default WINS extinction timeout?
6 days
What is the default WINS verification interval?
24 hours
Why should there not be more than one WINS proxy on a segment?
they will not know about each other and will perform duplicate work
What sort of networks is WINS automatic partner configuration meant for?
small networks
What is the hex code for B-node?
What is the hex code for P-node?
What is the hex code for M-node?
What is the hex code for H-node?
Why doe RIP listeners not work with RIP v.2?
RIP listeners don't understand multicast
What group must a 2000 computer belong to in order to act as a router?
RAS and IAS Servers
Which style of routing converges faster?
link-state routing
What is flooding?
the method by which OSPF routers share route change information via Link State Advertisements (LSA)
What are the three elements of a Link State Advertisement (LSA)?
a router, the networks attached to a router, and a cost for the networks
What is the main disadvantage of demand-dial connections?
some applications may not tolerate the delay in setting up the connection
What was Data Link Control (DLC) originally designed for?
IBM mainframe communication
Is DLC routable?