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Why is RIP considered simple to use?
there is very little configuration possible
In terms of subnet masks, what two features does RIPv.2 support that RIPv.1 does not?
What two methods can RIPv.2 routers use to exchange information?
broadcast and multicast
How many primary DNS servers are allowed per zone?
What makes Active Directory-integrated zone transfers more secure?
zone data is encrypted during transfer
Why must Active Directory-integrated DNS servers be DC's?
member servers do not hold the AD database
What happens when a caching-only DNS server restarts?
the cache is emptied
How is a caching-only DNS server configured?
a DNS server is created without a forward lookup zone
What sort of situation are caching-only DNS servers best for?
remote offices connected by slow WAN links
Why do caching-only DNS servers need a lot of RAM?
cached information is stored in RAM
What ping switch resolves addresses to host names?
ping -a
What DNS troubleshooting tool depends on the presence of reverse lookup zones?
What are the two options when renewing a root CA's certificate?
the CA can bind its existing keys to a new certificate, or generate a new key pair and bind them to a new certificate
How are root CA's certificates usually renewed?
by binding existing keys to a new certificate
What is the drawback to renewing a root CA's certificate multiple times by binding its existing keys to a new certificate?
the CRL gets extremely long, slowing PKI operations
Where are CRL's stored by default?
What tool is used to set permissions on certificate templates?
Active Directory Sites and Services
Where is automatic enrollment for computer certificates configured?
in a GPO: Computer Configuration | Windows Settings | Security Settings | Public Key Policies
Where is a Certificate Trust List (CTL) stored?
in Active Directory
How can certificates be unrevoked?
they can't- revocation is permanent
What is the default publication interval for CRL's?
one week
What is an Autonomous System?
a network or group of networks controlled by a common administrator
What is an OSPF area?
a group of contiguous networks and attached hosts
What is a router that participates in multiple OSPF areas called?
an Area Border Router
When manually configuring routes, what happens if a subnet mask is not specified?
a subnet mask of is used
What is route summarization?
a situation where OSPF routers know only routes within their area and a default route to a backbone
What is a stub area?
an OSPF area connected to a backbone by an Area Boundary Router
What is a hello interval?
the interval at which an OSPF router announces its presence to a network
What does Windows 2000 call its database of certificates?
a certificate store
When using web-based certificate enrollment, where can the web enrollment page be found?
What three formates can certificates be imported in?
PKCS#12, PKCS#10, and Microsoft SST
What is a PKCS#12 file used for?
storing certificates with their associated private keys
What is a PKCS#7 file used for?
storing certificates without keys
What are the four possible formats when exporting a certificate?
binary X.509, base-64 X.509, PKCS#7, and PKCS#12 (the only choice when exporting a private key)
What is base-64 X.509 normally used for?
What two file extensions are associated with PKCS#12 files?
PFX and P12
What three file extensions are associated with PKCS#7 files?
P7B, P7C, and CRT
When is EFS considered "off"?
when no recovery agents are defined
How would EFS be turned off in a given scope?
by deleting all EFS recovery keys
What does automatic enrollment do?
automatically issues certificates to computers as they join an AD domain
What tool is used to manage EFS?
the Group Policy snap-in