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What must be done to enable DHCP-DNS integration?
configure the scope or the server for integration
Which types of routing-related filters can be created through RRAS?
route filters and peer filters
What are the three private address ranges?
10.0.x.y, 172.16.x.y, and 192.168.x.y
When is broadcast resolution attempted to resolve NetBIOS names?
when WINS resolution has failed
Why is WINS replication necessary?
WINS queries will cross subnets unnecessarily on large networks
In a replication partnership, what is the partner that sends a "new data available" message called?
the push partner
In a replication partnership, what is the partner that requests new data called?
the pull partner
How can you reject any incoming call from a client that can't use a specified level of encryption?
uncheck the No Encryption box on the Encryption tab of the remote access policy's profile
What level are DHCP address range exclusions assigned at?
the scope level
DHCP scopes are assigned at what level?
the scope level
What entities are normally responsible for maintaining a routing table?
the routing protocol
What is a persistent route?
a route that is maintained until manually deleted
What three parts make up an entry in a routing table?
network ID, forwarding address, and a metric
What three protocols are required for AD?
What is a mirrored rule?
a single rule that specifies the same source and destination for inbound and outbound traffic
What happens if settings on a local machine conflict with settings assigned by a DHCP server?
the locally assigned settings take effect
What can you do to enable dial-up users to get a fixed IP address?
define an address pool on the IP tab of the RAS server's properties
What are the three components of a network packet?
header, data, and trailer
What does a network binding do?
associates a protocol with a NIC
At what OSI layer does translation between logical and physical network addresses occur?
network layer
What OSI layer filters out packets received by a device that are not addressed to it?
the data link layer
If multiple DNS SRV records have the same priority, what happens when a resolver asks for an SRV record?
the weights of the records are used to determine which SRV record is returned
What does a WINS server produce if a client tries to register a name that's already in use?
a challenge message
What are the four DHCP steps?
Discovery, Offer, Request, and Acknowledgement
What IP address and server address does a client use when in the DHCP discovery phase?
IP address of and server address of
If a Windows 2000 client receives multiple DHCP offers, how does it determine which to accept?
a 2000 client will accept the first DHCP offer it receives
When does a DHCP client first send a lease renewal request?
when the lease is half over
If a DHCP client doesn't receive a response to its first renewal request, what happens?
the client sends another renewal request when the lease is 87.5% (7/8) over
What OSI layer does DNS work at?
application layer
What characters are allowed in legal DNS names?
upper- and lowercase letters, numbers, and hyphens
What is the format of a name server record?
<domain> @ IN NS <name_server>
How do service records use priority?
the lowest-priority record is chosen
How do service records use weight?
for service records with equal priority, the winner is chosen by probability based on weight
What port does Kerberos use?
What port does LDAP use?
Where are zone files stored in a non-AD integrated zone?
What four command do DNS boot files support?
directory, cache, primary, and secondary