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1st black American woman to head a federal agency
Mary McLeod Bethune
16 white battleships President Roosevelt sent to tour the world
Great White Fleet
famous mail train went from New York to Chicago
Fast Mail
difficult years of 1929-1939
Great Depression
largest industrial nation in 1900's
United States
people who affirm the truth of the Bible
statement of loyalty written by Francis Bellamy
Pledge of Allegiance
toy made in Theodore Roosevelt's honor
teddy bear
Germany's underwater boats
November 11 is called
Veteran's Day
led the 1st successful expedition to North Pole
Robert Peary
famous railroad engineer
Casey Jones
British Naturalist who rejected the Bible
standard time was established by
railroad train stations
letter that promised Mexico a part of US
Germany in WWI
Zimmermann Note
wireless telegraph
"The world must be made safe for democracy"
Woodrow Wilson
WWI ends
November 11, 1918
"Speak softly and carry a big stick."
Theodore Roosevelt
President that created jobs with money US did not have
Franklin D. Roosevelt
100 US died; ship was torpedoed
"The strength of the nation depends on the character of the people"
Calvin Coolidge
Lawyer who won Scopes vs. Evolution
William Jennings Bryan
professor who gave radio talks about truth of Bible
J. Gresham Machen
WWI dates
German ruler started WWI
Kaiser Wilhelm II
excuse for beginning of WWI
assassination of Archduke Ferdinand
countries with Germany
Central Powers
countries against Germany
Allied Powers
President of US during WWI
Woodrow Wilson
unsinkable ocean liner that sunk in 1912
countries that won WWI
Allied Powers