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occurs when a grain of pollen lands on the stigma of a flower
Gymnosperms are pollinated by the
The male part of a flower is called
The female part of a flower is called
plants that produce seed that are protected by a cone or a fleshy seed coat
plants that have flowers and produce seeds enclosed in the fruit
Germination begins
when the seed absorbs water and swells
special seed leaves that contain stored food
Gestation is
the period of time between fertilization and the birth of an animal
What are animals called that develop in the mother's pouch
marsupial mammals
What are the animals called that develop inside the mother's body
placental mammals
asexual reproduction
reproduction that involves only one parent
binary fission
an organism splits in half and becomes two separate organisms
type of asexual reproduction in which a new organism develops on the parent organism
some sea stars can reproduce this way
runners or creeping stems through which strawberries can reproduce
vegetative reproduction
occurs when part of a plant usually not involved in reproduction develops in to a new plant
Parts of a flower
anther, filament, stamen, stigma, style, pistil, ovary and ovule, sepals, petals
fruit of a plant
the part that contains the seed
parts of a seed
embryo, cotyledons, seed coat
Once an egg cell is fertilized what happens to the ovule and the ovary
the ovule becomes the seed coat adn the ovary develops into the fruit
cross pollination
pollen is transferred from an anther of one plant to the stigma int eh flower of another plant
pollen is transferred from the anther to the stigma of the same flower or another flower on the same plant
a spore is different from a seed - How
it is smaller, has one cell, and does not contain stored food
ferns and mosses reproduce by