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Which vitamin is found only in animal products?
Reasons for shift in per capita meat consumption:
1)Poultry perceived to have less fat
2)Perceived to have less cholesterol (more healthy)
3)Poultry adapted to consumer demands
• Uniformity
• Convenience
When examining a meat animal one is trying to determine _________, ___________ and ____________.
Quality Grade; Yield Grade; Dressing Percentage
Quality Grade:
Cattle- Marbling in the lean (can tell most in the rib)
Poultry- Amt of damage during processing
Yield Grade:
yield of lean cuts
Dressing Percentage:
How much is left after everything is taken off
•Used as a basis for marketing livestock
•Usage and importance decreases as the industry moves towards “value-based” marketing
Calculate DP=
= Hot Carcass Weight
------------------- * 100
Live Pay Weight