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Which country has the most sheep and goats?
Why was there a decline in sheep production?
Synthetic fibers and End of war
Purebred Breeder
• Provide seed stock to the commercial lamb producer
Have responsibility of providing progressive genetics
Commercial lamb producer
Produces market lambs if forage and grain is available for finishing lambs
Produces feeder lambs for feedlots
Fine wool breeds:
•fine (USDA blood system) produce 22 microns and lower in diameter (grade based on diameter)
64 to 80+ “hanks”
Merino, Rambouillet, Targhee and Southdown
Commercial feedlot
Add additional weight and finish appropriate for marketing
Usually requires 40 to 60 days of confinement feeding
1 hank=
560 yards
Crossbred woo breeds:
breeds were developed by crossing fine wool to others to improve carcass quality and length of woll fiber
Carpet wool breeds:
course, wiry, tough fleece with fiber length up to 13 inches
Medium Wool Breeds:
•1/4-1/2 blood (USDA blood system)
•22-32 microns (grade based on diameter
•48-62 hanks (based on spin count)
•Corriedale, Columbia, Romeldale, Dorset, Shropshire, Hampshire, Suffolk, Cheviot
Long Wool Breeds:
•Common and braid
•33-40 microns
•36-46 hanks
•Romney, Cotswold, Lincoln
How long are the average estrus and gestation periods for sheep?
30 hours; 147 days
Ewe breeds:
noted for good reproductive efficiency, wool production, milking ability and longevity
Usually white faced and fine to medium wool
Rambouillet, Carriedale, Targhee, Delaine, Merino are examples
Ram breeds:
Meat type breeds produced for crossing with female from the ewe breeds
Noted for fast growth rate and good carcass characteristics
EX) Suffolk, Hampshire, Shropshire, Southdown and Cheviot