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Furthur Processing:
Mechanical, chemical, or enzymatic treatment that alters the original form of the product
The 3 “Cs” for Meat Safety:
Keep it Clean, Keep it Cold(life begins at 40), Cook it thoroughly
What are the "tough" cuts?
How are they usually cooked?
The shoulder region; Roasts, ground meats
What are the "semi-tough" cuts?
How are they cooked?
The rear leg region;
•with moist heat
What are the tender cuts?
How are they cooked?
The middle meats;
•with dry heat
•quickly Broiling
What are the reasons for further processing?
•↑ palatability
•> convenience
•> variety
•> portion control
•composition control
•preservation - ↑ storage life
->original reason
HACCP: Hazard Analysis of Critical Control Points
Systematic approach to the identification, evaluation, and control of food safety hazards.