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A watt is a unit of ____.
The stored energy in gasoline is ________ energy.
When a rollercoaster car is sitting still at the top of a hill, the car has _______.
only potential energy
The rate at which work is done is called _____.
Energy and work are both measured in units called ___.
Each time energy changes form, some _____ energy is produced.
Energy that is stored is called___.
potential energy
An example of kinetic energy is a _________.
moving car
A forest fire and rust on a nail are both products of a ______ reaction.
When energy changes form, the total amount of energy and matter ____________________________.
stays the same.
In a water molecule, oxygen and hydrogen atoms are hel together by ______.
chemical bonds
What type of energy does a battery have?
chemical energy
What type of energy does a radio have?
sound energy
What type of energy does a flashbulb have?
light energy
What type of energy does a ceiling fan have?
mechanical energy
Sunlight, heat, sound, and electricity are all forms of ___.
What type of energy does a radiator have?
heat energy
The smallest bit of a chemical compound has the properties of that compound is called an ______.