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One state would become part of the United States as a free state and one would come in as a slave state
Missouri Compromise
California would come in as a free state, but escaped slaves would have to be returned to their owners
Compromise of 1850
The people in each new state could decide whether a state would be a free state or a slave state
Kansas-Nebraska Act
Congress could not keep slavery out of the territories and black people
Dred Scott Decision
What was know as the great Compromiser and why
Henrty Clay -- He worked to help settle the differences between the north and south
What was the Fugitive Slave Law
Anyone caught helping slaves escape would be punished
Why did the Superme Court deny freedom to Dred Scot
The Court ruled that slaves are property
Why did Lincoln join the Republican Party
He wanted to stop the spread of slavery
What was Stephen Douglas's nickname
Little Giant
What was Stephen Douglas's belief about slavery
He believed slaverys hould be spread or at least people should vote on slavery
A religious song based on bible stories
To act against
a group of laws that shaped the lives of slaves
slave code
a system of escape routes for slaves
Underground Railroad
a person hired to watch slaves and make work
How many free Africans were living in the US in 1860
nearly 500,000
name two things under the slave codes that slaves were not allowed to do
form groups and ___________ things
How did the people in slave communities help one another
comfort and support
name 2 ways slaves quietly resisted
letting animals go and damaging the plantation
What was the name of the slave that led a violent resistance against slavery
john brown
what was the name of the white man who helped the slaves by giving them guns
Nat Turner
What was the job of the conductors on the Underground Railroad
get slaves from station to station
this area had a large number of factories
this area had a larger population than the other
this area had more farms than factories
this area had many large cities
this area wanted slavery to spread to the west
this area grew a lot of tobacco and cotton
this area needed a lot of immigrants to work in the factories
large farms in this area were called plantations
what percentage of southern people owned no slaves
what did Eli Whitney invent that changed the cotton industry
cotton gin
How did the cotton gin help speed up cotton production
by taking the seeds out
where were the biggest plantations in the south located
by the mississippi river