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Know the Lone Star Republic's first president...
good advice
Know the purpose of the meeting at Seneca Falls....
okeeee dokeeee
Know the main results of the Mexican American War...
sound advice
The author of Uncle Tom's Cabin?
very famous
John Brown's contribution to the anti-slavery movement...
....should be known
What is Manifest Destiny?
I asked you first
Agreements in the Compromise of 1850?
At least three.....
Do you know the path taken by the Oregon Trail?
I can find out
Can you name a famous woman we read about in this chapter who did not work for women's voting rights?
Oh, yeah...the authoress
Who was that slave who led a revolt were people were killed?
Oh, yeah...I remember reading about that.
Be able to name several abolitionists...
I knew that already, but thanks.
What in the world were Lincoln and Douglas debating about, anyway?
Gosh, what a great question!!
What's Brigham Young's claim to fame?
I should know this for the test, shouldn't I?
What is the connection between the Kansas-Nebraska ACt and the founding of the REpublican Party?
Yikes, Mr.Campion, that could be a high school essay question. (But you guys are smart enough to handle it)
Know the details of the Underground Railroad...
ok...I think I know this stuff.
Who were the presidential candidates in the 1844 election?
Both have short last names...
Good luck to all of you on our last test, and... has been very nice working with all of you and your parents. Good-bye and Good luck.