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Send (s) the young men to rouse...!  
αποστειλον (πεμψον) τους νεανιας εγειραι  
he took the child and departed  
ελαβεν το παιδιον και ύπηγεν  
they will not die  
ουκ αποθανουνται  
the soldiers will save them  
οί στρατιωται σωσουσιν αυτους  
I will judge  
κρινω (with circum)  
the Pharisees went to eat bread  
οί Φαρισαιοι ηλθον φαγειν αρτον  
when he heard  
ότε ηκουσεν  
he sent them to kill  
απεστειλεν αυτους αποκτειναι  
they will remain  
μενουσιν (circum over the "υ")  
while the paralyzed man is dying  
έως ό παραλυτικος αποθνησκει  
we announced that the apostle had fallen  
απηγγειλαμεν ότι ό αποστολος επεσεν  
these widows you (pl)ought not to judge  
τας χηρας ταυτας ουκ οφειλετε κριναι  
he will cast (throw) out his right eye  
εκβαλει τον δεξιον οφθαλμον αυτου  
you (pl) are weak  
when the disciples came  
ότε οί ματθηται ηλθον  
they sowed the word  
εστειραν τον λογον  
will you (s) not kill the evil men?  
ουκ αποκτενεις τους πονηρους  
you (pl) will throw the stones  
βαλειτε τους λιθους  
the Pharisees said that  
οί Φαρισαιοι ειπον ότι  
they are not eating  
ουκ εσθιουσιν  
I shall fall but not die  
πεσουμαι αλλ' ουκ αποθανουμαι  
you (s) will raise me  
εγερεις με  
they will say, "He died  
ερουσιν ότι 'Απεθανεν  
while we were working  
έως ηργαζομεθα