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They baptized the tax-collectors  
εβαπτισαν τους τελωνας  
You (pl) were going through the beautiful land to prepare  
διηρχεσθε tην καλην γην έτοιμασαι  
Strong workman, hide the stones!  
εργατα ισχυρε, κρυψον τους λιθους  
They abound  
Do not (pl.) continue to cause to stumble  
μη σκανδαλιζετε  
They were ill  
They followed one another  
ηκολουθησαν αλληλοις  
You (pl.) revealed the commandments  
απεκαλυψατε τασ εντολας  
We shall begin to read  
αρξομεθα αναγινωσκειν  
Cleanse and sanctify (pl.)  
καθαρισατε και άγιασατε  
Is it lawful for them to heal?  
εξεστιν αυτοις θεραπευειν;  
Save your people, Lord!  
σωζε τον λαον σου, Κυριε  
Hide yourselves !  
κρυψατε έαυτους  
Let them dwell!  
Her enemy wondered at  
εχθρος αυτης εθαυμασεν  
Good it is for them to read  
καλον εστιν αυτους αναγινωσκειν  
I will reveal to them  
αποκαλυψω αυτοις  
He wished to call the tax-collectors  
ηθελησεν καλεσαι τους τελωνας  
His tongue injured others.  
ή γλωσσα αυτου ηδικησεν αλλους  
You (pl.) seem to be weak  
δοκειτε ασθενειν