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The max number of avionics units that the MIL-STD-1553B data bus is capable of transferring data between is?
which element of the MIL-STD-1553B data bus gathers and formats info from aircraft sensors for transfer on the data bus?
Remote terminal
A backup bus controller in the MIL-STD-1553B data bus is
Not required for normal operation, but is required on modern data busses.
What does an optical data bus use as the controlling protocol for high speed message transfer?
When the bus controller detects a transmossion error while communicating with the RT on the MIL-STD-1553B data bus, the bus controller
Retransmits the command several times and then tries the backup data bus.
Which element of the MIL-STD-1553B data bus is not ususally used in avionics bus systems?
Bus Monitor.
Which type of data bus stub is most suitable for stubs less than one foot in length on the MIL-STD-1553B data bus?
Direct-coupled stub with internal coupling network
The superior type of data bus stub on a MIL-STD-1553B data bus is the
Transformer-coupled stub with external coupling network.
Each type of word used on the MIL-STD-1553B data bus is
20 bits long with a 3-bit sync charachter, 16 info bits, and one parity bit.
In an MIL-STD-1553B data bus command word, the field that refers to a fucntion or area within the remote terminal to which the command is being directed is the ?
sub-address / mode field.
Informaton describing the condition of a RT on a MIL-STD-1553B data bus is transmitted as a
status word in response to a command from the bus controller.
The word count field in a controller to RT transfer message on the MIL-STD-1553B data bus must correspond to the number of
data words the RT recieves from the bus controller
After the recieving RT on a MIL-STD-1553B data bus has recieved and validated the data words from the transmitting RT during an RT to RT transfer, it does what?
responds with a status word indicating a successful transfer.
During mode command transfers on a MIL-STD-1553B data bus, the word count / mode field identifies what?
the particular mode command being implemented by the bus controller.
Which LRU is the CITS data bus controller?
Digital Computer.
Circuit parameter data from the communications and dependent position determining subsystems is recieved by the ?
data conversion unit.
The aircraft parameter data file is recorded by the?
CITS maintenance recorder.
The system integration manual does not contain what?
a description of the CITS system.
To locate a CMC autoflow chart in the system integration manual, you use what?
the CMC to autoflow cross reference list.
When the DISPLAY switch on the CITS computer display panel is momentarrily pressed to DIS RESET, what happens?
all lighted matrix switches are turned off and reset.
How many different test patterns are used when the CITS computer display panel's DIS TEST switch is used?
To view data on the alphanumeric dispaly of the CITS computer display panel, the DIS mode switch must be in what position?
In which mode is a CITS maintenance code displayed on the CITS computer display panel?
The mission computer provides display mode commands, flight director commands, and?
radar altitude.
The HUD's are focused to infinity and permit a wide field of view of
30 degrees horizontal and 24 degrees vertical.
The HUD shows declutter 1, declutter 2, and what 3 levels of symbol presentation?
Normal (declutter off), levels of symbol presentation.
What are the HUD master control switch positions?
The VSDS 's SGU processes analog information, MIL-STD-1553B bus data, and
Mode commands.
The VSDS displays a visual representation of navigation data, A/S, altitude,
axis velocities, and various cautions.
Which VSDS component recieves compass, A/S, roll/pitch, and radio altitude information via the system electronic unit?
SGU ( symbol generator unit)
Which IFMS subsystem may be used to detect airborne targets?
Color weather radar.
Which IFMS subsystem uses multiple satellites to calculate the aircrafts present longitude and lattitude?
Global Positioning System
What provides the primary processing and interface functions for the flight management system?
Control display unit.
The data loader system is comprised of a
data card and data receptacle
After the ADTD is first turned on, the heaters/ADTD may take up to
20 minutes to reach 0 degrees celcius
Accordning to the principles applicable to the A/S indicator, as altitude increases, the max allowable a/s does what?
What type of pressure enters the A/S diaphragm of the A/S indicator?
Which errors must be corrected to make an A/S indicator display true A/S?
Altitude and temperature.
The sensing elements in the true A/S indicator are surrounded by what?
static pressure.
Which conditions cause an uncorrected A/S indicator to read higher than it should?
Decreased altitude and decreased temperature.
Which indicator helps the pilot maintain a specific rate of climb or dive?
Vertical velocity
What type of pressure is applied to the inside of the thermos chamber of the rate of climb indicator?
unrestricted static.
During what aircraft maneuver is the static pressure inside the piaphragm of the vertical velocity indicator greater than on the outside?
The standard Datum planeis a theoretical plane where the atmospheric pressure is
29.92" Hg and the temp is +15'C
Static pressure is?
greater at low altitudes and less at higher altitudes.
What type of error is caused by the location and manner in which a pitot tube is installed?
Installation error.
Mechanical error inside the A/S indicator is called
Instrument error.
The primary difference between indicated A/S and true A/S is the
Density error.
Density error can be corrected by adjusting what?
The barometric scale on the front of the indicator.
The heart of the VVI is a what?
Pressure sensitive diaphragm.
The total air temperature is callibrated in
two degree increments from -70' to +80'C
Each total air temperature probe contains what?
two variable resistance type sensing elements.
When the failure annunciator on the front of the SCADC is reset, it shows what color?
Solid Black
During which SCADC BIT can recorded failures be retrieved?
0 and 6
Which SCADC BIT allows slewing of altitude and A/S?
When activated, which switch causes the no.1 SCADC to output fixed values of altitude, vertical speed, mach, A/S and true A/S?
Pilot's SCADC self-test switch.
What displays on the Mach-a/s indicator respond to synchro outputs from the SCADC?
IAS and Mach.
Which Mach - A/S indicator displays are manually inserted?
Command Mach and Command IAS
The Command Mach marker on the Mach-A/S indicator tracks the
Mach tape as Mach changes
What is the range of the IAS tape on the Mach-A/S indicator?
50-600 Knots
During self test of the Mach-A/S indicator, the mach and indicated A/S tapes drive to what?
0.92 Mach and 225 knots respectively.
If you have the Barometric counter set to 29.92 during a self test of the ALT-vertical spees indicator, The ALT display should slew to how many feet?
50,000 ft.
The tape capacity of the DFDR system is how long?
25 hours.
Which DFDR system unit samples aircraft system data converts it into digital form?
If a fault condition exists, the fault indicators on the front of the flight data acquisiton unit are?
solid white.
Which caution/advisory warning lights indicate actuation and normal operation of aircraft equipment?
The master caution light can be extinguished or reset by?
depressing it momentarily
At what altitudes is the ground proximity warning system active?
50-2,450 feet.
Which ground proximity warning system mode is always active when aircraft is between 50 and 2450 feet, regardless of aircraft configuration?
Mode 1, excessive sink rate.
Which is not an advantage of an active on-board collision system?
Relies on local radar to generate transponder replies
To represent increasing levels of urgency or threat, symbols generated by the traffic alert and collision avoidance system change how?
Shape and color.
Which is not a TCAS traffic advisory function?
Provides reccomendations to the pilot for aircraft maneuvers.
For how many aircraft maximum can the TCAS track and generate displays?
The absence of which intruder data speciffically prohibits the TCAS from issuing resolution advisories?
What is the purpose of mode-S TCAS function?
Establish resoultion advisories based on the intruding aircraft's position.
Which is not a resolution advisory?
Change to current advisory.
Which stall prevention system control panel test switch in the TEST position, the shaker can be activated by manually moving the
AOA vane.
The stall prevention computer produces a shaker signal if the aircraft AOA and the permissible AOA are what?
The stall prevention computer produces a pusher signal if the aircraft AOA equals the permnissible AOA for how long?
five seconds.