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The process whereby we learn to become competent members of a group
The learning we experience from the people who raise us.
What are some of the things that our caregivers teach us as children?
Caregives must teach children what the need to know in order to function as members of society including norms, values, and language.
What happens if children do not recieve primary socilization.
They do not function well as adults.
List 4 reserchers who have contributed differnt theories about how children learn abbout themselves and their riole in society.
1. Freud
2. George Mead
3. Charles Cooley
4. Jean Piaget
5. Kohlberg
What did Freud believe?
Basic biolofgicl instincs combine with social factors to shape personalities.
What did Mead believe?
Theory of Social Behaviorism.
People develop self-image through interactions with other people.
What did Cooley believe?
Contributed the notion of the LOOKING GLASS SELF.- self image based on how we think others see us.
Significant Other
Some one whose opionions matter to us and who is in a position to influence our thinking, especially about ourselves.
What was Piaget's theory?
Theory of Cognitive development.Thinking changes as children mature and interact with the world around them, thnking depends on where you are in terrms of cognitive development.
What was Kolhbergs contribution?
Theory of Moral Development.
Moral reasoning - why people think the way they do about what's right and wrong.
Kohlberg proposed 3 levels of moral development, what are they?
1. Preconventional Level
2. Conventional Level
3. Postconventional Level
Preconventional level
Children ascribe great importance to the authority of adults.
Conventional Level
Children want to follow rules in order to get approval.
Postconventional Level of moral reasoning.
People are more flexible and think in terms of whats pernally imprtant to them.