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Classify the anemia type:

(description) - large size, normal color
(patho) - cells are megoblastic (premitive/juvenile)
(examples)- decreased folic acid
- pernicious anemia
Macrocytic, Normochromic
Classify the anemia type:

(description) - normal size, normal color
(patho) - decreased number of cells
(examples) - Loss of RBCs (hemorrhage)
- Increased RBC destruction (Splenomegaly, excessive immune response, Sickle Cell, G6PD Deficiency)
- Decreased Production (Anemia of Chronic Disease, Aplastic Anemia, Most hemolytic anemias)
Normocytic, Normochromic
Classify the anemia type:

(description) - small size, pale
(patho) - not enough, deficient production
- hemoglobin is problem
(examples) - Alpha & Beta Thalassemias
- Iron Deficiency
Microcytic, Hypochromic
Describe RBC life cycle: (six steps)
1. leave bone marrow when mature, circulate ~ 120 days
2. Need folic acid & B12 to mature
3. Liver & Spleen remove old RBCs
4. Recycled as ferritin
5. Carried by transferrin
6. Heme converted to bilirubin

(14 g/mL hgb in blood)
What is bleeding time?
(measure of time from small puncture wound to formation of platelet plug)
- Normal 3-8 min.
- Abnormal 10 min.
Partial Thromboplastin Time (PTT)

Thromboplastin I
Prothrombin -------------------------- Thrombin
Measures activity of coagulation factors including thromboplastin.

Normal - < 35 seconds
What is the normal platelet count?
~ 150,000/mm^3 - 400,000/mm^3
What are the leukocyte percentages?

What is the avg. concentration of WBCs in the blood?
Neutrophils 55-70%
Lymphocytes 20-40%
Monocytes 2-8%
Eosinophiles 1-4%
Basophiles .5-1%

4.8-10.8x10^3 /L
Determines activity of coagulation factors including factor II.
Prothrombin Time
What is the normal Prothrombin Time?
Normal 12-15 sec.
Abnormal > sec.