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Two categories of Computer Aided Decision Support:
Decision Support and Artificial Intelligence
Decision support includes
Decision support systems, Collaboration systems, Geographic information systems
Artificial Intelligence includes:
Expert systems, neural networks, genetic algorithms, intelligent agents
Four Phases of Decision making are:
intelligence, design, choice, and implementation
Find what to fix
find fixes
Pick a fix
Apply the fix
Two different decision made when taking a job:
Advancement opportunity: Nonstructured
Salary: Structured
What is a Structured Decision?
Processes a certain kind of information in a specific way so that you will always get the right answer
What is a Nonstructured Decision?
The are several "right" answers and there is no precise way to get a right decision
What is a recurring decision?
One that happens repeatedly and often periodically
What is a nonrecurring decision?
one that you make infrequently
Three components of a Decision Support System:
Model management, data management, user interface management
What is model management?
Consists of both the Decision Support Models and the DSS model management system
What is user interface management?
allows you to communicate with the DSS
What is an expert system?
An AI system that applies reasoning capabilities to reach a conclusion
What is a domain expert?
provides the domain expertise in the form of problem-solving strategies
Knowledge engineer
It specialist who formulates the domain expertise into an expert system
IT components of an expert system:
Knowledge base, knowledge acquisition, interference engine, user interface, explanation module
An expert system:
reduce errors, improve customer service, reduce costs
An expert system cannot:
automate all processes or use common sense
What is e-commerce?
Commerce accelerated and enhanced by IT, particularly the internet
What is demand aggregation?
Combines purchase requests from multiple buyers into a single large order which justifies a discount for the business
What is the digital divide?
Different peoples, cultures, and areas of the world do not have different the same access to information and telecommunications technologies
What is the global digital divide?
Describes the differences in IT access and capabilities between different countries or regions of the world
Most prominent advantages of the internet
1.Shopping can be faster and more covenient
2.Prices can change instantaneously
3.Call center can be integrated into the site
4.Broadband will enhance the buying experience
_____ Products are the best of all
____ items work best
commoditylike products
Why are digital products best of all?
They are commoditylike products, they can be mass-customized and personalized, they can be delivered at the time of purchase, they have global outreach
What is marketing mix?
set of marketing tools that a firm uses to pursue its marketing objectives in the target market
Ways to attrach internet customers
register with search engines, online ads, email,
What are meta tags?
Part of a website text not displayed to users but accessible to browsers and search engines for finding and categorizing websites
What are intermediaries?
Specialist companies that provide services better than their client companies can provide