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Define scientific theory
a test, possible explanation of a natural event
define scientific law
a summary of an observed natural event
define chenistry
the study of matter and how it changes
define Physics
is the science of forces and energy
define Physical science
the study of science
define scientific models
a smaller presentation of something
define Pure Science
cotinuing search for scientific knowledge
define techology
the application of science to science to meet human needs
define hypothesis
what you think will happen
define vatiable
anything that can changein an experiment
define pure substances
any matter that has a fixed compodition and definite properties
define mixtures
a combination of more than one pure substances
define element
a substance that cannot be broken down into simpler substances
define compound
a substance made of atoms of more than one element bound together
define chemical formula
a chemical smbols nad numbers indicating the atoms contained in the basic unit of substance
define solutions
a homogeneous mixture of two or more substances uniformly spread throughtout a single phase