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Characteristics of Civilization
-History is based upon study of documents.
-Primitive societies must be speculated upon…we do not know much about man prior to the dawn of civilization
--Best guess is that early man was a hunter but then developed agriculture
Rossetta Stone
-Characteristics of civilization
-Agriculture [Bedrock of any civilized society]
-Primitive people will not stick around for long because they follow
the buffalo herd.
-Nomads are not civilized in the way that they cannot develop
-Woman first developed agriculture
-It is repleneshable, unlike hunting
-In order for agriculture to work, you have to have organization and structure.
-In ancient times, you had to have rivers for irrigation of the land.
[Animism- the worship of animals; usually practiced among uncivilized people]
From Book on page 7:
“A civilization is a complex culture in which large numbers of people share a variety of common elements. Historians have identified a number of basic characteristics civilization, including the following:
1. An urban focus. Cities became the centers for political, economic, social cultural, and religious development.
2. New political and military structures.
3. A new social structure based on economic power
4. The development of more complexity in a material sense.
5. A distinct religious structure.
6. The development of writing.
7. New and significant artist and intellectual activity