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Ionian revolt against Persian control
499-494 BC
Darius I sends Persian force against Athens; battle of Marathon
490 BC
Xerxes leads Persian invasion of Greece; battles of Thermopylae and Salamis
480 BC
Athens assumes leadership of Delian League
477 BC
Life of Socrates
469-399 BC
Ephialtes' political and judicial reforms strengthen Athenian democracy
461 BC
Aeschylus presents the trilogy Oresteia
458 BC
The sophist Protagoras comes to Athens
450 BC
Pericles starts construction of the Parthenon
447 BC
Athens and Sparta sign a peace treaty ment to last thirty years
446-445 BC
Peloponnesian War begins between Athens and Sparta
431 BC
Herodotus fineshes the Histories
428-425 BC
Alcibiades leads Athenian expedition against Sparta's Allies in Sicily
415-413 BC
Aristophanes presents the comedy Lysistrata
411 BC
Athens surrenders to Sparta ending the Peloponnesian War
404 BC
Thirty Tyrants suspend democracy at Athens and coduct a reign of terror
404-403 BC
Athenians overthrow the Thirty Tyrants and restore democracy
403 BC