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tune out, forgetting, daydream, fantasize, absorbed in something and lose trak of time is called what?
normal dissociation
what problem with dissociation, causes problems in other parts of their life?
the frequent use
unconscious defense mechanism of repression to block a painful memory from awareness and avoid anxiety memore would cause.
dissociative disorder
what is involved with traumatic memories stored in hippocampus and processed in limbic system?
limbric system
dissociative disorders shwn with animal studies shows it may be due to what?
prolonged detachment from care giver
feel mechanical, dream like state, detached from body, feel invisible, feel like its happening to someoen else.
depersonalization disorder
alteration in preception of self to extend one's won reality is lost.
depersonalization disorder
inability to recall important information beyond ordinary forgetfulness. info is usually stresssful or traumatic
dissociative amnesia
unable to recall anything about one's entire lifetime>
generalized amnesia
unable to remember from certain period of time to frew hrs to days
localized amnesia
unable to remember some events but not oters from a short peroid of time-remember event but not importatn details.
selective amnesia
sudden unexpected travel away from home and inability to recall identity and information about some or all of the past.
dissociative fugue
most likely preceded by severely traumatic events. like threat of physical death or injury or loss of loved one.
dissociative fugue
objects in external world take on a wuality of unfamiliarity.
presence of two or more distinct personalities
dissociative identity disorder
process of dissociative identity disorder is as follows
child confronted with terror.
child dissociates the event
dissociation takes on personality
can happen may times to create another
treatment takes many hears and finally ends with what?
integration of personalities
aids to remind and decrease dissociation
wrapping self in blanket to help reinforce boundries

real tangible sensations like holding ice
going to safe place
counting backwards
vulnerable people are usually
children, woman and elderly
cancer risk is greater with why type personality cluster
cornoary artery disease is common with what type personality cluster
type A
peptic ulcers related to?
anxiety and resentment and frustration
essential hypertension is seen common with people who are
repressed anger and frustration
rheumatoid arthritis is common with people who are>
confrorming self conscious perfectionists
ulcerative colitis is common ihn people who are
neat orderly, inhibitied anger
history of many complaints many times in differing sites
-occures usually without orgainic or medical basis
usually begins in teens
somatization disorder
preoccupied with having a serious illness or fear of serious illness
preoccupation with an imagined defect in appearance
body dysmorphic disorder
symptoms that suggest neurological disorder that can't be explained as physical basis-
psuedo seizures, blindness, paralysis
conversion disorder
produce physical signs of illness through voluntary means to get attention
eg. ingesting something, my do it to a child also
factitious disorder aka munchausen syndrome
deceive others by pretending physical symptoms , falsifying illness
treatment for somatoform disorders are
address stressors in their lives
teach coping